OWB Carry Holsters

Published by Dara Holsters on 10th Oct 2018

Outside the Waistband Holsters!

Our OWB Holsters are the best on the Market. Here's why:

  • Protected Rear Sights. Each OWB Holster features a protected rear sight box. This is custom to each firearm and will protect your rear sights from the elements, or getting knocked while carrying.
  • Tall/Suppressor Height Sights. Our sight channels are customizeable. If you have an optic or suppressor ready pistol that comes stock with tall sights, no problem- we've got your back. We can accommodate any height sight channel, as long as you give us notice on the order form.
  • Threaded/Extended Barrels. Have a suppressor ready pistol? Let us know if you want your threaded barrel out or protected and we will accommodate you.
  • Compensators. As long as we know about your compensator, and it fits flush with the frame/slide, we can accommodate that. Let us know if you prefer it to slide through or be within the holster and we'll make the holster accordingly.
  • Extended Magazine Release/take down. Have aftermarket customizations? Awesome! Just let us know what you've done and we will make the holster to fit.
  • Slide Mounted Optic? We offer many optic cut holster to accommodate you. Select any holster in our Optic cut OWB section.
  • Light/Laser bearing Variants. We offer the largest selection of Light or Laser accommodating holsters on the market. Browse our Light/Laser section to find the perfect holster for you.
  • Adjustable Retention. Our custom retention system was designed by us and made specifically for our holsters.
  • Superior Belt Attachments. Our Double Loop is the best in the business- try it for yourself. 
  • Lifetime Warranty- if anything happens to your holster, we'll fix or replace it for free.
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