[PR] New Product Release: The Bridge™ Adapter

[PR] New Product Release: The Bridge™ Adapter

Published by Dara Holsters on 15th Nov 2023



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The Bridge™ Adapter - $39.99

Launch date: Friday, November 24, 2023

Introducing Dara Holsters' latest innovation: the Bridge™ Adapter. Say goodbye to the limitations of proprietary mounting patterns and hello to unparalleled versatility in the holster industry. The Bridge™ is a cross-platform modular gear adapter designed to bridge the gap between your favorite holster and your preferred attachment system.

Imagine you have a trusted platform that you prefer to use, but it's incompatible with your issued work kit. With the Bridge™ Adapter, that's no longer a problem. Whether you prefer Dara's retention holster, Safariland's attachment systems or BladeTech's mounting options, the Bridge™ allows you to seamlessly connect your holster to the gear you trust.

This game-changing product opens up a world of possibilities for shooters, law enforcement officers, and everyday operators alike. Need to switch between different attachment systems for different situations? The Bridge™ has you covered. Want to use your favorite holster with a new belt or mounting platform? The Bridge™ makes it possible.

For distributors looking to expand their product offerings, the Bridge™ Adapter is a must-have addition to your inventory. With its universal compatibility and wide-ranging applications, it's sure to be a hit with customers seeking flexibility and convenience in their gear choices.

To learn more about the Bridge™ Adapter and explore buying options for distributors, contact Dara Holsters today. Don't miss out on this groundbreaking product - revolutionize your holster setup with the Bridge™ Adapter today!

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Contact us now to learn more about the Bridge™ Adapter and bring unparalleled versatility to your holster setup!

The Bridge™ adapts to the following manufacturer’s:

  • Dara
  • Safariland®
  • G-Code
  • Blade-Tech
  • Blackhawk
  • Alien Gear
  • Comp-Tac
  • US Duty Gear
  • & more

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