21st Mar 2017 Dana

RMR cut Drop Offset Package

RMR cut Drop Offset Package

The Drop Off-set RMR cut Holster Package includes:

  • 1 RMR cut OWB Holster
  • Drop Offset Holster Attachment & Double Loop
  • 3 OWB Single Mag Carriers w/single loop attachment
  • 1 Dual Layer Nylon belt from TacBeltz

The drop offset features three points of attachment to our double loop and three points of attachment to the holster, providing the extra stability needed for top performance.

Drop Offset Holster

While the RMR cut OWB Holster will come attached to the new Drop Offset and Double Loop, all 3 magazine carriers will come with 1.5" Single Loop attachments. The cant is fixed with the OWB mag carriers, but fully adjustable with the Holster.

Drop Offset Holster Package

21st Mar 2017 Dana

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