Solved: Holiday Gifts for Gun Guys

Solved: Holiday Gifts for Gun Guys

Published by Dana on 6th Nov 2017

It's almost that time! Unless you've been living under a rock the last few days, you may have noticed a huge increase in foot traffic at all of your local retail spots. Holiday Shopping is now in full swing as Christmas approaches. This time of year is filled with excitement and anticipation, however, everyone has that one person in their family that is difficult to buy for. Whether it be a grumpy Uncle, a gun snob in-Law or someone who seems to already have everything he wants, we can help you out with your gun lovin' family member with the following tips:

If you're not sure exactly what the person is into, don't take a shot in the dark on a custom item. Stick with something that can be used in several applications or for several different products. For instance, if you know this person likes to go to the range, check out some of these items:

  1.  Range Bags like these.
  2.  Gun Cases like this one.
  3.  Ears & Eyes
  4.  Nylon AR Mag Pouches like these.
  5.  Gun Cleaning Kit.

I never really understood what my mother's negative opinion about Gift Cards was all about. I think Gift Cards are highly underrated and are one of the best gifts you can give someone. It allows them to get something they actually want- whether it be a pricey item that they couldn't splurge on or something that's been on their radar for sometime. 

Here are some great stores that gun guys tend to shop with:

  1.  Dara Holsters of course!
  2.  Midway USA
  3.  Cheaper than Dirt
  4.  Palmetto State Armory
  5.  Optics Planet

We're not talking sweater vests and scarves- we're talking badass t-shirts and hoodies for the gun lover. Our favorite pro-gun retailer? Grunt Style!

Check out our Favorite Shirts:

  1. Did You America Today? Hoodie
  2. Don't Tread On Me Shirt
  3. Protect, Respect, Destroy Shirt
  4. MOAB Shirt
  5. RED Rifle Flag Shirt

If you're dead set on a firearm-specific or caliber-specific product, don't be afraid to call the company that sells the product and ask questions. As most our products are custom or very specific to the model firearm, we get a lot of phone calls during the Holidays regarding product questions.

Most of the time, Customer Service agents are knowledgeable about the products they are selling and can tell you which products are most popular, or in the case of Custom Holsters- which specs are best for each use. We've even helped to identify firearms before. A wife knew that her husband wanted a new Custom Holster, but all she could tell us was that he had a Glock. We were able to determine from a screenshot of the guys Instagram picture which model he had, and set her up with an awesome Custom Holster for him!

The most useful gifts are not always expensive! If you're not sure what to get for someone who's into guns, you can't go wrong with ammo- or even an ammo can! I would stick with the basic pistol calibers. You can walk into any gun shop and tell the guy or gal at the counter that you want some good ammo for range us, hunting or self defense, and they should be able to help you out according to your budget!

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