• 14th May 2024

    Holster Material: Kydex vs. Boltaron

    You've heard it before, most companies and customers throw out the phrase "kydex holster" as if the term refers to a category or style of holster. In reality, they're actually unknowingly referring…

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  • 7th Jan 2020

    Holster Colors 2020

    Check out our up to date color offerings for January 2020.…

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  • 8th Nov 2019

    Veteran's Day Sale

    Save 15% off your order with code "THANKYOU19" Shop Now: Here are our Optic cut Holsters:…

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  • 18th Oct 2019

    Custom Holster Lead Time: Cut the Line

    Need a Holster for your Concealed Carry Gun like yesterday? No problem. Our Custom Holster lead time may be 1.5 weeks right now, but there are ways to get your holster faster. We'll show you how...…

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  • 18th Dec 2018

    Last Chance for Guaranteed Christmas Delivery!

    The United States Postal Service has spoken: Today is really the last day they can absolutely guarantee delivery by Christmas via Priority Mail. Grab any in-stock Holster today and choose "GET IT…

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  • 14th Dec 2018

    12 Days of Christmas: Day 3 Deals

    Save 15% off TODAY only with Code "DAY3DEALS" On Sale today: All Slick Side™ AIWB Holsters and our Dual Layered Nylon Tacbelt.…

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  • 27th Jul 2018

    New Paddle Attachments

    New & Improved Paddle Attachments from Dara Holsters & Gear, Inc. These newly designed Paddles lock onto the belt, providing more stability than ever from an easy on/off solution.  Check out…

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  • 9th Jul 2018

    5 Facts about Dara Kydex Holsters

    Fact #1Every Kydex® Holster & Mag Carrier goes through 7 quality checks- 5 of which, are signature required. These quality checks can be confirmed by glancing at the packing slip, which is the sam…

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  • 14th Jun 2018

    Father's Day Weekend Sale 2018

    Use code "FATHERSDAY" to save 15% off the entire weekend!HOT SALE ITEM: $35 IWB HOLSTERS <(COUPON CODE NOT VALID ON THIS ITEM) Shop our Most Popular IWB Holsters:…

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