5 Facts about Dara Kydex Holsters

Published by Dara Holsters on 9th Jul 2018

Fact #1

Every Kydex® Holster & Mag Carrier goes through 7 quality checks- 5 of which, are signature required. These quality checks can be confirmed by glancing at the packing slip, which is the same slip that goes through production.

1. The first quality check (unofficial) is done pre-production. We check all of the details and options selected to ensure everything looks ok and matches the product the customer wants.

2. The second quality check is done while the holster or mag carrier is being molded. This is performed by the technician that started the order and is signature required for accountability purposes. Each technician signs his name as his stamp of approval that the color and firearm make/model is correct, as well as the type of material used.

3. The third quality check is done by our QC Manager after the holsters are molded. She checks every holster to ensure that the molded piece of plastic matches the order specifications to a "T" from the ride height and cant angle, to suppressor height sights and extended magazine releases.

4. The fourth quality check is done after the holster edges are finished. This check is performed to ensure the edges are smooth, the holes are drilled perfectly and there are no imperfections in the Kydex® material.

5. Another quality check is then done pre-assembly to ensure the Kydex® Holster and Mag Carriers all have the correct attachments. Once this check is done, assembly is performed.

6. After assembly is completely the holsters are packaged and prepared for shipment. Before shipment, another quality check is performed to make sure the correct hardware is used and that none of the hardware is felt on the inside of the holster. The edges are checked once again to ensure smoothness, and then once approved, the orders are sent to Shipping.

7. Once all of the orders are weight and ready for shipment, a final check is done to ensure the order is complete. 

If any order does not pass a quality check at any time, it is sent back to the correct technician to be fixed or remade entirely. Once past a certain point in production, any holster that has failed a QC check is then expedited to ensure that shipment is done within our lead time. 

Fact #2

We build our holsters from the ground up- they are truly Custom Holsters.

We are consistently asked why our Custom Kydex® Holsters have a slightly longer lead time than our competition who also offers "Custom Holsters". This is because we make each holster to order using customer specifications; ride height, cant angle, etc. selected during the order process. There is a vast difference in the amount of custom options we offer and the amount of options offered by other "Custom" Holster companies.

We're all gun guys here, and we anticipate custom after market add-ons, accommodating everything we possibly can to provide you with a custom holster fit precisely to your custom gun. Please keep in mind, there are certain accommodations that take a bit longer to execute than others, and that is why our lead time is slightly longer.

Don't see an option for your exact set up? Shoot us an e-mail and we'll help in any way we can!

Fact #3

We will never send out a holster that might not work. Don't get us wrong, our products are handmade by humans- we all make mistakes, but 99% of these are caught prior to shipment thanks to our awesome QC Manager. 

What I mean, is we check everything from the options you've selected at checkout to the integrity of the hardware to ensure that anything that could go wrong- won't.

We bust out calipers when our material shipments comes in, we stress test and fit test holsters randomly and we are always paying attention to even the most minute details. Consistency is key, and with our materials, consistency is what you can count on.

For instance, if you select a low ride height and a reverse cant angle- we'll call you pre-production to discuss other options that would provide you with the type of carry set up you're looking for without burying your grip. 

We also choose only the best materials for our products, sparing no expense. Our hardware, made from a combination of Melonite coated chrome Molly steel and Black 316 INOX Stainless Steel hardware, is impervious to the elements. All of our Adjustable Retention Screws come pre-coated in a shock absorbing thread weld to prevent the screws from backing out on you, making our holsters the most reliable on the market.

Fact #4

Everyone at Dara Holsters shoots competitively at least every few months. We have our own private outdoor range and hold our own monthly matches for employees. This is not only a great team building exercise, but it gives everyone the chance to do some R&D on the products that we make, gaining knowledge and insight to better serve our customers. 

We also encourage everyone at the shop to carry daily so that we can provide first hand experience and give advice to our customers for specific holster configurations conducive to the type of carrying each customer wants.

Fact #5

No Kydex® holster leaves the shop with an exposed magazine release or trigger guard EVER, no matter what. This has been our policy from the beginning and will remain in place, no matter how many requests we receive otherwise.

This is a safety precaution and a way for us to uphold the integrity of our brand. The last thing you'd want in a bad situation is for your thumb to hit the mag release while you're trying to draw your firearm under duress. We've got your back by covering your mag release every time.

Any questions about our holsters? Call us!

We're proud to discuss our product line and welcome any constructive feedback.

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