Top 5 Aftermarket Accessories for your FN509

Top 5 Aftermarket Accessories for your FN509

Published by Dara Holsters on 19th Sep 2022

Firearm enthusiasts, particularly those who own the FN509, often find themselves drawn to the idea of modifying their firearms. But what drives this desire for customization, and what aspects of the FN509 do users typically seek to improve upon?

One of the main reasons firearm owners opt for modifications is to enhance performance and ergonomics to better suit their individual preferences and needs. For FN509 owners, this may involve upgrading the trigger for a smoother pull or swapping out the sights for improved accuracy.

Additionally, users often seek to address certain shortcomings they perceive in the FN509 from the factory. Common complaints include the stock trigger being too heavy or gritty, the grip texture being too aggressive for some users, and the lack of aftermarket support compared to other firearm models.

By modifying their FN509, users can tailor their firearm to better suit their shooting style and preferences, ultimately enhancing their overall shooting experience. Whether it's for improved performance, comfort, or aesthetics, firearm customization allows users to make their FN509 truly their own.

At Dara Holsters, we understand the importance of customization and offer a wide range of holster options to accommodate modified firearms like the FN509. Explore our selection today and discover the perfect holster for your customized FN509.

1. Apex Action Enhancment Kit

Apex Round Trigger FN 509

Apex Flat Trigger FN 509

While the FN 509 is pretty great right out of the box, the first thing I personally upgraded was the trigger. I opted in for the Apex Flat trigger and couldn't be happier with my purchase.

The FN 509 trigger came a bit gritty out of the box and can range from 5.5-7.7 lbs. However the Apex trigger will reduce the factory trigger pull weight to a steady 5.5 lbs.

Along with reducing the trigger pull weight, the apex trigger also reduces trigger pre-travel, over-travel and reset distance, along with offering a crisper break. Both flat and curved options run about $160.

2. Streamlight TLR-1 or TLR-1hl

The second accessory you may want to follow up with is a light. The top selling WML that won't break the bank is going to be the Streamlight TLR-1.

If you have the FN 509 in FDE, you'll likely want to keep the color scheme and grab the TLR-1 in FDE as well. The link to the left will lead you right to that specific color. If you favor the black, click here. We highly recommend the TLR-1 as opposed to any other Streamlight options because you're more likely to find a holster to fit this specific configuration. While the other TLR models might be great, if you plan to holster or carry the FN 509, you won't find many, if any, holster options for the TLR-2, 3 or 4.

Keep in mind that some holster companies may not account for model variations when it comes to the TLR-1 fit, but here at Dara Holsters we've made sure to alter our tooling to fit all TLR-1 models in the FN 509 with TLR-1 Holsters. (affiliate link)

3. Surefire X300U

If you prefer a more Gucci WML, we highly recommend the Surefire X300U-B. Again, if you have the FDE FN509, we've linked the  FDE X300U-B to the right. If you prefer the black model, click here. For a video comparing the Surefire X300U with the Streamlight TLR-1 and other lights, head here.

Again, this light is great and Surefire makes many solid WML's, BUT if you're looking to carry or holster the FN509 with a light, you will find the most holster options if you go with either of the aforementioned light models.

We've went ahead and looked all over for the best prices, and the two products linked to the right offer the light, batteries and a lens pack for under $334.

(affiliate links)

4. A Reflex Sight

Nowadays optics are considered essential for any firearm and with the rise in popularity finding a holster that will accommodating an optic is easier than ever.

We've linked three optics to the left that we've found to be the most popular amongst customers with the FN 509.

You would do well with any of the three listed, but for my personal FN509 I chose the  Trijicon RMR.

Before choosing, I suggest checking out the difference between the size and shape of the dots. Some models offer a red or green dot as well and a quicjk google search will render a plethora of images for you to browse and decide.

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5. A Solid FN 509 Holster

Obviously we couldn't finish this list without recommending a good holster for the FN509. We offer a bunch of holster options ranging in purpose from  Concealed Carry, to Duty and Competition.

I've linked the most popular holsters that customers order for their FN 509's, as well as our Auto Retention Mag Carriers. These mag carriers automatically adjust to fit pretty much any pistol magazine on the market.

I also need to mention that our holsters not only fir the FN 509 and FN 509 Tactical, but also the FN 509 Compact, MRD and LS Edge.

Honorable Mentions

Apex Threaded Barrel for FN 509

Parker Mountain Machine Comp for FN 509

Swampfox Optics

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