Truck Gun Mounted Holster

Truck Gun Mounted Holster

Published by Dana on 26th Oct 2017

Mounted Holsters for your Truck Guns!

Truck Gun Mounted Holster

Have a truck gun, or thinking about getting one to keep in your vehicle? Grab a Mounted Holster to keep it secure and easily accessible while driving!

Try any of our 3 Mounting Options:

Expandable Tough-Wedge Holster

Truck Gun Mounted Wedge Holster

Introducing the innovative Tough-Wedge by RAM Mounts – the ultimate solution for mounting your Dara Holster in your vehicle without the need for drilling into your dashboard. Ideal for owners of newer vehicles lacking the seat rails required for our other non-invasive mounting option, the Tough-Claw, the Tough-Wedge offers all the benefits of a Mounted Holster with added convenience and ease of installation.

The Tough-Wedge is ingeniously designed to fit snugly between the seat and center console of your vehicle. It comes equipped with an expandable air bladder that fills larger areas, ensuring optimal stability and preventing any unwanted movement while driving.

What sets Dara Holsters apart is our commitment to innovation and quality. We own the patent on the Tough-Wedge holster system, making us the exclusive provider of this groundbreaking mounting solution. With Dara Holsters, you can trust that you're getting the best in terms of both innovation and reliability.

Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with mounting your Dara Holster in your vehicle using the Tough-Wedge by RAM Mounts. Upgrade your setup today and enjoy a secure and non-invasive mounting solution for your firearm.

The Tough-Claw Holster

Tough Claw Truck Gun Mounted Holster

Introducing the Tough-Claw Mounted Holster, the ideal solution for firearm owners seeking a non-invasive way to securely mount their Dara Holster in their vehicle. Designed with versatility and convenience in mind, the Tough Claw offers a temporary, toolless mounting option that eliminates the need for drilling into dashboards or center consoles.

The Tough Claw features a durable clamp that securely attaches to any railing with an outer diameter ranging from 0.625" to 1.5". This adjustable design ensures a snug fit on a variety of vehicle surfaces, making it perfect for multiple vehicle families or individuals who frequently rent or lease vehicles.

But the versatility of the Tough Claw doesn't stop there. This innovative mounting option has also been successfully used on motorcycles, kayaks, and boats, providing firearm owners with a reliable solution for carrying their weapon in various environments.

As an added bonus, Dara Holsters owns the patent on this holster system, ensuring that you're investing in a product that is backed by years of research and development. When it comes to quality, reliability, and innovation, Dara Holsters stands above the rest, making us the ultimate choice for firearm enthusiasts seeking the best mounting solutions for their vehicles and beyond.

Dash Mounted Holsters

Dash Mounted Holster

Discover the ultimate solution for securely mounting your holster in your vehicle with the dashboard mount by RAM Mounts, offered exclusively by Dara Holsters. Unlike flimsy mounting methods used by competitors such as Velcro and magnets, the dashboard mount by RAM Mounts offers unparalleled security and stability.

Our most popular mounting option, the standard flat surface mount from RAM Mounts, requires drilling to securely mount the holster to the dashboard. This permanent installation ensures optimum stability, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your holster is securely attached.

Included with the dashboard mount is a backing plate and all necessary mounting hardware, making installation a breeze. Plus, with Dara Holsters owning the patent on this innovative holster system, you can trust that you're getting the best quality and reliability on the market.

Experience the difference with Dara Holsters' dashboard mount by RAM Mounts and enjoy a secure and convenient way to carry your firearm in your vehicle. Elevate your driving experience and shop now for the ultimate mounting solution.

The Standard RAM Mounted Holster can be made for light bearing and optic bearing firearms, and also comes in a Level 2 retention variant. 

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