Drop Off-Set Action Sport Holster

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Perfect for USPSA


The Custom Drop Offset Action Sport Holster is an Outside the Waistband Holster designed for the quickest draw possible, featuring an ejection port cut out allowing for the fastest target acquisition during competition. This holster is ideal for range time, IDPA, USPSA or other competitive shooting matches.

The Drop Offset Attachment:

The Dara Drop Offset attachment has three points of contact to the Double Loop and three points of contact to the Competition Holster. The ride height and cant angle of the holster are fully adjustable within the range provided by our double loop. The Drop attachment measures 7" in length, dropping the holster around 3-4" and offsetting it from the body approximately 1". At the bottom, there is an attachment point for an optional leg strap.

Optional Leg Strap:

The leg strap adds another layer of stability during competition, when the shooter is participating in rigorous physical activity. We currently offer 2 leg strap options. The 1" Nylon leg strap consists of a soft, weather-resistant 1" wide Polypropylene strap, fastened by a plastic curved buckle. The 1.5" Elastic strap is a soft, stretchy elastic strap that adds a superior level of comfort and stability to your drop offset rig. The straps come in a black, one size fits all configuration.

For the best experience, please be sure to check out our OWB Mag Carriers as well.

The drop offset features three points of attachment to our double loop and three points of attachment to the holster, providing the extra stability needed for top performance. This package comes with a double loop, drop offset attachment and your custom Action Sport Holster.


My Pistol is Suppressor Ready, will it fit this holster?

Yes! Please let us know in the Custom Notes section that your pistol is suppressor ready and we will accommodate your taller sights and threaded barrel.

I have an Optic, will this holster work?

Yes, the Action Sport Holster already accommodates an optic and co-witness sights.

I would like a different belt attachment, can I get the holster made with another loop?

No. We will only send this holster out with a Double Loop. If you'd like another belt attachment, we do sell them separately. However, as this holster is mainly used for competitive shooting, we only send it out with the most stable option.

I have the Tactical/Omega/ETC version of a pistol listed in the drop down menu.

Please let us know in the Custom Notes section so we can ensure a perfect fit!

My carry gun is not listed on your drop down menu, what do I do?

Please contact us to see if there are any options. Sometimes we are able to make it work.

Will this holster adapt to any other belt attachment system?

No, our hole system is proprietary.


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    129 Reviews

  • Posted by Gerald Parker on 29th Sep 2023


    Drop off-set sport holster.

    This is actually my second DARA holster. Sturdy/well constructed, comfortable, and if like the first holster ... durable. Holster will last for years

  • Posted by David Griggs on 20th Sep 2023


    drop off-set action sport holster

    Excellent product, perfect fit, high quality.

  • Posted by Marco on 19th Sep 2023



    Muy buenas las fundas qué eh comprado, han sido 3 hasta el momento y seguiré comprando y recomendando sus productos, son geniales!!

  • Posted by Keith B on 30th Jul 2023


    Drop off set, action holster

    Perfect set up for my FN 545, easy to holster and easy to draw, I cannot ask any more, quality product!

  • Posted by Keith B on 27th Jul 2023


    Action sport holster!

    Having confidence in your personal gear is relevant. Especially when using a .45, slick movement and control from holster to hand transition and this Dara holster for me is "QUALITY"

  • Posted by D. Miller on 25th Jul 2023


    Slick, practical and kinda sexy (Walther PDP 4.5")

    Perfect for my range uses and very maneuverable! I can grab it while sitting and prone with ease. The leg strap is a must and makes it so much more stable and comfortable. It clears my plate carrier by a pretty wide margin too which is a bonus! I plan to buy their duty holster at some point but as of right now, this is perfect for my uses!

  • Posted by Bryan Klontz on 21st Jul 2023


    Custom OWB Holster

    Holster is a perfect fit for my Glock G40 with Trijicon Red Dot.

  • Posted by David Hibbs on 6th Jul 2023


    Best Holster I’ve ever owned

    Wow! Just wow! This is by far the best holster I’ve ever owned. Could have used this when I was contracting in Iraq. This system fits perfect. The leg strap is perfect and doesn’t feel like a tourniquet. This system is the most comfortable and stable system ever. I can run confidently knowing that my gear and weapon are secure. Once I trained with it, drawing and re-holstering became second nature. The weapon sits perfectly and clears my kit when drawing or holstering. You guys definitely did your homework on this one.

  • Posted by Anderson Springen on 21st Jun 2023


    Holster for CZ

    I have 2 holsters now form this company. And absolutely love them. So many options out there but DARA is my go to.

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