Light Bearing Holster Claw

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Does NOT work with IWB Holsters, only LIGHT BEARING AIWB Holsters.


This Holster claw is for use with our Light bearing Holsters only. Please keep in mind that if the holster was not designed with the claw, or intended to be used with a claw, it may not work properly.

This Holster Claw comes with two adjustment pieces. You can use the strut by itself, or add on one additional piece at a time for a more aggressive concealment aid.

In this package:

(1) Ambidextrous Claw Strut

(1) Hex Nut

(1) Small Screw

(2) Adjustment Pieces

(2) Rubber Washers

(2) Female Posts

(2) Truss Head Screws

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  • Posted by Lowell Hacker on 28th Jan 2021


    Light Bearing AIWB Holster Claw

    I didn't use the claw that came with the holster. With my body type the holster fits better without it.

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