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Higher Quality Materials:

Made from .093" Kydex/Boltaron and fastened using Stainless Steel hardware.

Better Design:

The Dara Custom Kydex Inside the Waistband Holster functions just like it's no-nonsense name. The IWB fits inside your waistband for the ultimate concealed carry holster. This holster comes with a full sweat shield to keep hard edges from the body. Our .093" material covers all the essentials, including the magazine release and trigger, as any holster should. Also featured is our Adjustable Military Grade Rubber Retention System that allows you to adjust the retention with a Philip's head screwdriver.

Lifetime Warranty!

Want to get the most out of concealed carry? Check out our IWB Single Magazine Carriers. For more information about our IWB Holsters, visit our FAQ page or our Inside the Waistband Holster Breakdown.

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    76 Reviews

  • Posted by Unknown on 4th Apr 2024


    Glock 20 w/ x300U-B

    I knew that this appendix iwb Dara holster did not come with a built in kydex wedge like my Tenicor velo4 appendix holster I use for my Glock 48, so I bought a foam concealment wedge from Black Arch holsters to add to this Dara holster. I tested before and after, and the 3rd party wedge was the right call. It places a twist on to the pistol so that the grip is kept closer to your torso instead of prominently printing through your shirt. The Glock 20 is a duty sized pistol, so concealing it iwb needs a few tricks unless you want to constantly dress around the gun in thick, oversized clothing. Overall, I am pleased to have this Dara holster because they are one of the few companies which bothers to make a concealment holster for the Glock 20 with a light. Tenicor doesn't make one for the G20 at all, and they have zero interest in ever supporting it. I would give the Dara holster the full five stars if it incorporated a wedge natively molded into the kydex itself. Otherwise the fit and finish is excellent.

  • Posted by Harold Clark on 18th Mar 2024


    Light bearing IWB Holster

    My new Dara holster works as intended and it fits my full-size S&W M&P2.0 10mm with Streamlight TLR-1 HL tactical light as it should. Fits snugly but without hindering the ability to draw my weapon quickly. The Holosun Red Dot Optic doesn't even factor into the equation since it doesn't come into contact with the holster at all. The only issue arises with placement of my holster around the belt loops on my Wrangler jeans. The belt loop is located at 3:00 o'clock, causing me to move my holster further back than I'd like, not much mind you but still enough to notice. While the craftsmanship is superb, it is the customer service which excelled far beyond expectations!

  • Posted by Harold Clark on 16th Jan 2024



    My new IWB light-bearing holster holds my S&W M&P 2.0 10mm w/TLR-1 tactical light as intended, while allowing clearance for my Holosun Red-Dot optics. I'm quite pleased with my new holster, and was surprised at how comfortable it is despite the added accessories. The aggressive texture of my hand-grip has not been an issue, which was of major concern, since the holster keeps the grip off my skin.

  • Posted by Mark Flexter on 17th Dec 2023


    inside the waistband light bearing holster

    This is the only holster that i will buy i have bought several over the years for my Glocks, Shadow Systems and for Sig's! Very well made and they are all made here in the good old USA! my pistols fit like a glove they all have an full sweat shield to protect your firearm from moisture and sweat in the summer time i love these holsters!

  • Posted by Mark Flexter on 25th Nov 2023


    inside the waistband light bearing holster

    I love Dara holsters, These are the best holsters made and the only holsters that i will buy period! They are all made here in the good old USA you get what you pay for!

  • Posted by Ben on 25th Oct 2023


    Light Bearing Holster

    I bought a Dara Holster to replace a different holster from another manufacturer that had failed in the field under adverse conditions. Normally I would have sent it back to the manufacturer and had them replace it, but that manufacturer does not produce that style of holster any longer, and I needed one that was duty rated ASAP for my specific firearm/light combo. In making some phone calls it was suggested to me to look at Dara as a contender for a replacement, so I purchased this one. So far, so good.

  • Posted by Jake on 19th Oct 2023


    Great holster!

    Great holster! Even if it isnt the appendix carry specific model, i can appendix carry without any issue. Smooth draw, sturdy built. Dara Holsters has my money for future holsters for sure

  • Posted by Juan B on 20th Sep 2023


    Great holster. Sits in my waistband great. Never using another brand again.

    Great holster !

  • Posted by Michael on 29th Aug 2023


    IWB holster

    The IWB holster is nice and comforable

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