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Our Level 2 Retention Package is made to order using your specifications. This Package is designed specifically for Competition or Range use. The rig comes with our Duty Holster, 3+ Auto Retention Magazine Carriers and an optional USA made Inner/Outer Belt for convenience.

Inner/Outer Battle Belt courtesy of KORE Essentials. 20lb load rating.


The optional belt includes:  Black Battle Belt (1.75"), Black Battle Buckle, Inner Velcro Liner Belt (1.5"), 1 belt tip stay, measuring tape, hex wrench & set screws. This is a complete battle belt kit. 


  • Introducing the World's First Micro Adjustable Battle belt. Kore Battle belts use a hidden track with 20+ sizing points to adjust in small ¼” increments. Now you can loosen your belt 1/2" after a large meal, or tighten it as much as humanly possible, to securely hold up all your gear when needed. And best of all you can adjust while - sitting, walking, running, swimming or even crawling thru the trenches. No more having to remove or undo your belt buckle to make an adjustment. Simply put, this is the best fitting, most durable battle belt you’ll ever wear.  
  • Designed for range days, overland excursions, the battle field, or just daily duty assignments. Rugged 2 belt system provides reliable load-bearing strength that supports full-size firearms, mags, dump pouches, trauma kits and any gear up to 20+ lbs.
  • Outer Battle Belt is Nylon Web flanked by two rows of Molles, a Super-Fiber inner lining & proprietary Reinforced Power-Core™ center. The Inner Velcro Liner belt is nylon web & feeds thru belt loops to hold up your pants & support the weight of the outer Battle belt. The 2 belt system works in unison to adjust the belt's size - in and out - and they must be used together. 
  • Battle Belts are 1.75" wide & One-Size to fit any waist from 24” up to 48". Belt secured to buckle by teeth clamp & 2 set screws (hex wrench included). Includes Belt Keeper to keep belt tip flat against your waist. 


Each Custom Holster is made from thicker .125" Kydex/Boltaron to stand up to the elements. Our hardware is all Stainless Steel hardware. 

Retention is adjustable with a Philip's head screwdriver.











Warranty Information

Lifetime no BS warranty on all holsters and magazine carriers.

    10 Reviews

  • Posted by Brent on 17th Apr 2024


    Great Holster gear!

    I really like my new Light Bearing Level 2 holster gear. The ordering process was great--handled personally over the phone and expedited quickly. The packing, fit, and finish of all the gear was superb. The only issues I had were assembling/fitting the belt. But that is more about me being instructionally challenged. It all came together nicely in the end. Also I wish that the holster had more retention just in the molding along with the hood. The hood keeps it intact for sure, but it does fit slightly loose in the holster itself. With all that said, I find it to be an excellent product and would purchase again in the future. Thanks for all the help. And one more thing--With only one practice of a few rounds with the new gear, I did my department qualification with it and scored 98/100. That's an immediate testament to the reliability and functionality of the set up.

  • Posted by Mike on 6th Mar 2024


    Absolutely perfect

    Ran through 2 safariland holsters and a t rex arms holster before this one even blinked. By far the gold standard in duty holsters.

  • Posted by Byron Waters on 5th Feb 2024


    Belt and Holster

    Luv this belt, inner belt and all carriers. ???

  • Posted by Byron D Waters on 29th Jan 2024


    Holster, Belt Mag Holders AR Pouch

    The very best gear. Will add to this and buy lots more that is a fact. Thank You DARA

  • Posted by Nir Sarroya on 18th Jan 2024


    The Best of the best

    You can’t go wrong with this package. Great quality, great combination for shooting range . Two thumbs up!!!

  • Posted by Mario on 11th Jun 2023


    New customer & new purchase.

    Received product promptly. Workmanship, is solid, I like the detail and fit was perfect for my Staccato XL which is extremely hard to find a holster for to being with. I have already inquired about another holster from Dara, looking to but more equipment for other firearms.

  • Posted by P-Sauce on 31st May 2023


    Battle belt kit

    Absolutely great turn around time, less than a week, ease of assembly and use. Comfortable kit, great product!!

  • Posted by Jeff on 11th May 2023


    Light bearing package

    Absolutely great rig, the mag pouch design is amazing with the ability to carry single or double stack. The holster is awsome the retention bail is fast and the thumb actuator is perfect. Great kit here for a one stop rig.

  • Posted by Chandler on 9th Feb 2023


    Good quality

    Great quality holster and the package gives you all the basics you need to get started without the worry of compatibility.

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