OWB Paddle Holster

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Our Paddle holster is designed to be an easy on/off solution for outside the waistband carry.

Made from .093" thick material and fastened with Stainless Steel hardware. Our paddle attachment slips inside the waistband, contoured to the body and catches the belt upon the draw with two points of contact. The retention is adjustable to your preferred resistence using a Philip's head screwdriver, but is set prior to shipment to our factory specifications.

The Paddle attachment is removable and can be swapped out with any Dara OWB attachment.

Made in the USA, backed by a Lifetime Warranty.


Extra Information

optics notes:
SRO Compatible.
Firearm Notes:
Fits Only Listed Models
Adjustable with Screwdriver
belt mount:
Paddle is removeable, interchangeable with other DARA OWB Attachments

Warranty Information

Lifetime Warranty!

    128 Reviews

  • Posted by Joshua Akines on 30th Jun 2023


    Optic Cut OWB Holster for Glock 48

    I carry a G48 as a duty weapon. The fit is great and the holster is not bulky. The retention was easily adjusted to my preference. The only thing I would improve is the size of the paddle. Still a great holster. I will likely purchase additional Dara holsters for my other firearms. Great product!

  • Posted by Eric Taylor on 19th Jun 2023


    OWB paddle holster

    Not much experience with such holsters so I can't say it's the best, but it is a very fine holster. Side arm fits it well and it is nicely adjustable for the fit.

  • Posted by Daniel Rebolledo on 1st Jun 2023



    Color was on point, and does not scrap finish at all.

  • Posted by Richard Coaxum on 18th May 2023


    Simply The Best

    I have a bag full of holsters that sounded good, looked good when I placed their orders. However, once they arrived there was always something that did not fit my needs. "Dara" where have you been all of my gun life. This holster fit like a glove, wears like new underwear and has perfect retention. OUTSTANDING JOB. Own an olight mini but considering the Streamlight TLR 7 just so I can order the same holster that accomdates a light with my FN509 compact tactical. Great great job DARA. Much Respect To You richard

  • Posted by clint on 11th Mar 2023


    owb paddle holster

    great fit great holster

  • Posted by Dragon Gate LLC on 4th Feb 2023


    OWB paddle holster

    Like many of you guys I have a box of holsters collecting dust, but these outside the waistband paddle holster’s are the best I’ve ever had hands-down do yourself a favor and get yourself one.

  • Posted by Steven M. on 21st Jan 2023


    FNX 45 Tactical

    I have tried other holsters for my FNX 45, seems not a lot of companies explicitly make one for that weapon. A competitor's holster was very rough, even with modifications it didn't fit and would scuff up the gun. I ordered this Dara holster. It is super well detailed. It offers great retention to the weapon. Covers everything including the threaded barrel end. The detailing makes the holster look very sharp. Every detail on the weapon is duplicated on the holster. I though this may be a crapshoot based on ordering other holsters, but I really wanted a good holster for the FNX 45 so I could effectively carry it. I am overly satisfied with the results.

  • Posted by Phil on 1st Dec 2022


    High quality and great design

    Dara holsters are very high quality and are designed perfectly. Holsters are not too bulky, strong, comfortable and functional.

  • Posted by Steven Skaggs on 26th Nov 2022



    Fits my PDP compact perfectly. Shipping was Johnny on the Spot and no complaints. I would like to see a level ll for citizens, not like the level lll for LE. I'll be looking for that. But as far as the paddle holster I got, "Well Done"...

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