Outside the Waistband Holster | Made your way for over 350 firearms.

Rigid, Reliable and fully Adjustable. Raising the Bar.


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Our Outside the Waistband Holster is the BEST OWB Holster on the market.

Formed using rigid .093" thick Boltaron and molded precisely to your exact firearm. Fastened securely using rust resistant Stainless Steel hardware anchored by lock washers, using hardware designed and built specifically for our holsters.

Each OWB Holster is adaptable to an array of belt attachment options. You choose what option works best for you.
Our Double Loop comes standard on each OWB Holster. The Double Loop features two points of contact to the belt and three points of contact to the holster. The Double Loop allows the user to adjust the ride height and cant angle of the holster, so the carrier can adjust to the best draw position.
The Double Loop also offers a secure mechanical mounting for four belt sizes: 1.5", 1.75", 2" and 2.25".

Every OWB Holster features an adjustable rubber retention system. This system allows you to tune your draw resistance using a Philips head screwdriver. Each OWB Holster is test fit and draw weight tested prior to shipment to ensure a perfect fit and retention. When the firearm is fully seated within the holster, the user will hear an audible "click" to indicate that your pistol is secure. At this point you will be able to hold your holster upside down and shake without your firearm dislodging. Should you need a second level of retention, please see our Level 2 Duty Holster

We offer our OWB Holster in a light/laser bearing variant for over 300 configurations. Check out our Light bearing OWB Holster if you have a WML on your firearm.

All Dara Holsters, including the OWB Holster, come standard with an optic cut. All holsters come optics ready with a .5" tall sight channel enhanced for co-witness and suppressor height sights. The muzzle area of the OWB Holster comes cut flush with your muzzle without a taper to accommodate longer versions of the firearm, threaded barrels and/or a compensator.

All edges are rounded and polished for a comfortable, snag-free carry. 

Dara Holsters Custom Kydex OWB Holster

  • Made to order for over 350 firearms.
  • Rigid, reliable, and fully adjustable for a perfect fit.
  • Raise the bar with our custom Kydex OWB holster.
  • Handcrafted in our North Carolina shop with attention to detail and quality.
  • Five signature-required quality checks ensure your order goes out perfect.
  • Covers all the basics - trigger guard and magazine release button always covered.
  • Accommodate threaded barrels, suppressor height sights, extended magazine release buttons, slide locks, etc.
  • Light/laser bearing holsters available.
  • Choose from paddle attachment, clip, quick loop, single or double loops for mounting to the belt, or pair with a molle attachment. All adaptable to our ALQD Auto Locking Quick Disconnect System.
  • Backed by a no BS Lifetime Warranty!

This OWB holster is perfect for open carry or range use. It is made from high-quality Kydex and is designed to be rigid and reliable. The adjustable retention system allows you to get a perfect fit, and the five signature-required quality checks ensure that your order is perfect. Whether you have a standard or customized firearm, Dara Holsters can make an OWB holster that is right for you.


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    264 Reviews

  • Posted by Jerry Menzdorf on 5th Apr 2024


    Excellent!! Fits perfectly

    Great holster!!

  • Posted by Brad Gibb on 30th Mar 2024



    Absolutely the best made and designed kydex holster- ever! Highly recommend.

  • Posted by Marvin W on 30th Mar 2024


    Glock 40, Masada, Ruger Security 380

    I am very happy with my 3 Dara holsters, fine workmanship and utility. I particularly like how the mag release buttons are encased preventing unintentional magazine release.

  • Posted by Joe H on 13th Mar 2024


    2nd OWB purchase

    My second purchase, 1) H&K VP9 Tactical with Streamlight , 2) Glock 19 Gen 5 with Holosun SCS , very comfortable even driving long distances

  • Posted by Robert Collins on 9th Mar 2024


    M&P 2.0 holster

    Best Holster Company around!!! Excellent customer service, and a no BS warranty. What else could anyone ask for?

  • Posted by Carlos Delgado on 13th Feb 2024


    OWB Holster

    Recently purchased an Oracle Arms 2311. Your holster fit like a glove. And that click! indicating positive retention, was spot on!

  • Posted by Vincent Gioieni on 2nd Feb 2024



    I received this holster yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased. The workmanship and fit are excellent and the prices are fair. This is a professional company. Customer service is great too. I had a minor issue with shipping, but Samantha cleared it up right away. This is definitely a company I will buy from again. There are many (too many??) kydex holster makers out there, but few as good as Dara. Save yourself time and aggravation and just buy from them.

  • Posted by Ken on 20th Jan 2024


    For Walter q5

    I really like the quality. I would prefer a lower height , because on the waist it’s very high to access .

  • Posted by Peter Parker on 16th Jan 2024


    Almost perfect

    The holster fit the gun perfectly but not quite so much the hip. Sharp edges of the belt loop dug into leg while hiking. Of course my Glock 40 is a very heavy gun.

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