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Our Custom Order Range Package offers a little something for everyone. Our Outside the Waistband Holster is perfectly molded to fit your specific Firearm. Made from .093" Kydex/Boltaron our material is the most durable in the business. Built to last with Stainless Steel hardware, we produce the highest quality gear on the market. 

Included in this package are the following 2 items:

-OWB Holster

-Automatic Retention Mag Carrier w/Quick Loop

     -Fits almost any pistol magazine, from single stack 1911 magazines to double stack 2011 mags, to double stack micro compact mags.

Pair this range package with our Concealed Carry Package! Have a light or laser? Check out our Light bearing Rage Package!


Extra Information

Please Note:
Due to the Custom nature of this item, this item is NOT eligible for returns.
Please Note:
Failure to select your EXACT firearm and/or Light Attachment may result in fitment issues. Made to Order Holsters are NON REFUNDABLE.
All Holsters come optics ready with taller .5 sight channel for co-witness sights."
All Dara products are backed by a Lifetime no BS Warranty!

Warranty Information

Lifetime Warranty!

    26 Reviews

  • Posted by Will Stelly on 23rd May 2024


    Range Package for my Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro

    I have been using Dara Holsters for all of my handguns. Dara has quality holsters and gear!

  • Posted by Tom Mccarthy on 22nd Dec 2023


    Range package for Sig P320 M18

    Very happy with this product. This is the only Holster I've purchased that does not disengage the manual safety on the Firearm.

  • Posted by Kamelia Basir on 16th Dec 2023


    Excellent Quality, Not for Me

    As soon as the holster and mag carriers arrived, I thought I would love them. The workmanship is excellent and I've been wanting a low-profile EDC type holster for my P320 X-Five Legion, but this didn't make the cut. It fit my pistol perfectly and can be customized to cant or drop a bit, which is nice. Unfortunately, it just couldn't hold the weight of my pistol with the extended mag, no matter how tight I made my belt, it was top heavy and it consistently leaned outward. The most annoying part for me is how it is still too high to comfortably draw, even at its lowest setting. If I can return it, I will. I am definitely in love with the mag carriers though. Those fit perfect and do not slide out of place, on my belt, the way the holster does.

  • Posted by Donald F. on 25th Nov 2023


    Range package

    I purchased two Range Packages for two of my pistols. Each package came with a custom holster and a magazine holder. The first package I purchased the double loop with the ALQP and a double magazine. The second came with the second custom holster and a single magazine holder. Each pistol fits correctly and is retained without issue and allows me to move from one location to another without issue. Each magazine holder allows me to switch out the magazines for each pistol as the ALQP system allowed me to change from holster to holster without removing the duty belt. I am very impressed with these packages and will be purchasing more from Dara.

  • Posted by Jose Paredes on 31st Aug 2023


    High quality

    I was very happy with the quality of the product. Everything feels good and I can't wait to take it to the range!

  • Posted by Garrett Clark on 4th Aug 2023


    Range Package

    Retention on the holster is perfect. Not to tight or loose to draw or holster. Mag holder is great as well. Excellent quality all the way to the packaging!

  • Posted by Daniel Azevedo on 20th Jun 2023


    Range package

    As a firearms instructor I am always looking for a well built, comfortable and durable holster and mag carrier. Being prior LE and now a full time firearms instructor I have a couple boxes full of marginal holsters. This is my second Dara holster. The first one was a IWB left hand model with the belt clip. I found this holster can be worn backwards in the wasteban or OWB on the right side of body. I have found it to be very durable and a quick draw. I have had this holster for several years and wear it daily. The range package I just purchased is mounted on my combat belt for training purposes while teaching firearms training at a POST Academy. So far, the new holster has met the standard set by my first Dara holser. The mag carriers secure the mags well but are still easy and quick to release the mags when needed. And the mag carrier is cool looking. I purchased the holster with the ALOQ and dm1molle mounting system. So far, I like the ALOQ however the dm1molle system did not fit my combat belt two row webbing ( it worked great on my plate carrier). The issue was easily resolved by bolting another Moller attachment devise I had lying around. This will not be my last Dara purchased and I recommend Dara holsters to my students and will continue to do so.

  • Posted by JPB on 1st Jun 2023


    Great OWB

    I own several Dara IWB holsters and love them. I needed an OWB for when I’m out at the acreage working and hunting. This Dara holster and magazine carrier are perfect for my FNX 45 Tactical. Quality is outstanding and the fit is perfect. Delivery took less than a week.

  • Posted by Andrew Do on 30th Jan 2023


    Quality & Service

    Awesome quality and service. Will definitely buy another one for my other pistol

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