AIWB Holster - Apppendix Inside the Waistband Holster

Want a concealable AIWB Holster? We offer optics ready AIWB Holsters equipped with a concealment claw to aid in concealed carrying. Order now, so you can stop waisting time and start carrying concealed.


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Dara Holsters AIWB Holster is the Best AIWB Kydex Appendix Holster on the Market! Why?

Introducing the Dara Holsters AIWB Holster, the ultimate choice for concealed carry enthusiasts seeking unparalleled quality and functionality. Crafted from premium .093" Kydex/Boltaron and secured with Stainless Steel hardware, this holster sets the standard for durability and reliability.

Designed with precision, our minimalist single clip design ensures a slim profile without sacrificing performance. The full sweat shield keeps hard edges away from your body, while the .093" material covers essential areas like the magazine release and trigger for added safety.

Adjustable retention is a breeze with our Rubber Adjustable Retention System, allowing you to customize the fit with ease. Plus, with our no BS Lifetime Warranty, you can trust that your investment is protected for life.

Experience maximum concealment with our Custom Kydex AIWB Holster, meticulously engineered for safety and longevity. Upgrade your carry setup today and enjoy peace of mind knowing you're backed by Dara's commitment to quality and reliability. Order now and take your concealed carry game to the next level!

Higher Quality Materials:
Made from .093" Kydex/Boltaron and fastened using Stainless Steel hardware.

Better Design:
With our minimalist single clip design, the AIWB Holster for Appendix Carry is slim with no extra material to add excess bulk or weight. This holster comes with a full sweat shield to keep hard edges from the body. Our .093" material covers all the essentials, including the magazine release and trigger, as any holster should. Also featured is our Rubber Adjustable Retention System that allows you to adjust the retention with a Philip's head screwdriver.

Lifetime Warranty!

Our Custom Kydex AIWB Holster is intended for maximum concealment. This holster is built for safety and made to last a lifetime. All Dara products are covered under a no BS Lifetime Warranty! For more information visit our FAQ page or ourInside the Waistband Holster Breakdown. Our recommended specs: Mid ride with a straight draw. These provide the most concealable set up. 

Have a light or laser attachment? Check out our Light bearing AIWB Holster.


    74 Reviews

  • Posted by Wally on 11th Sep 2022


    AIBW for the Glock 21 and 34

    Again, 2 more excellently retained holsters. IMO, the curved belt clip is the #1 favorite item. Most straight clips will have a tendency to come off the bottom of the belt but not this one. It has the perfect snap when inserted and draw is just right. Time to order another one. Good work, DARA.

  • Posted by Mark Eschenbacher on 9th Sep 2022


    Ibw holster

    Comfortable and dose not print good job

  • Posted by Richard Constantini on 4th Sep 2022



    I bought one for a SW M&P 5” with 17 round mags. I had several already but they all printed. The grips just stuck out too far. This holster made it disappear. So I tried one for my full size H&K VP9. It made it disappear. Most of the other holsters I have are of good quality and have some kind of wedge. But somehow Dara holsters make them sit flush.

  • Posted by Jacob on 25th Aug 2022


    AIWB Holster

    Another great holster from Dara. I own several now. No failures whatsoever. My only complaints are lead time and I wish we had the option of specifying right or left hand mag release. I’m right handed and the space formed for the mag release on opposite unused side sticks out a bit, but not excessive. Could make the holster a bit more streamlined.

  • Posted by David on 20th Aug 2022


    Aiwb for cz p07

    Like the holster, wish the had more options in light bearing models, they need the tlr 7a and olight options for the midsize guns and holsters.

  • Posted by Gavin on 16th Aug 2022


    Concealment option number 1

    A quality product that delivers gun security and comfort to the user on a day to day basis

  • Posted by Wally on 27th Jul 2022


    AIWB for the Walther PDP-F 3.5 inch

    The fit on this holster is a 10+. The attention to detail and the "snap" into the trigger guard retention is among the best out there among many kydex holster makers and I have over 35 from all of the well known brands. After finishing this review, I'm ordering another one for my Glock 34. Great job, DARA HOLSTERS.

  • Posted by Lou Vec on 8th Jul 2022


    Great AIWB

    Highly effective high quality solid holster. Conceals a full size effectively. I will def be purchasing in the future.

  • Posted by John on 8th Jul 2022


    IWB with Ruger security 9

    Overall a good holster. Covers the entire trigger guard, retains great and seems like it's made with good quality materials. Shipping wasn't too bad either all things considered and the packaging was very nice. The only complaint I have is that the red dot I have on hits the kydex in the front of the optic (probably because I use an adapter plate) a little Dremel work and it's fixed though so I gotta give it 5 stars.

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