Appendix Carry Holster for Light/Laser bearing Firearms

Build the AIWB Holster your way for comfortable all day carry.

Light bearing AIWB Holster

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Our Custom Kydex AIWB Holster is intended for maximum concealment. With our minimalist single clip design, the AIWB Holster is slim with no extra material to add excess bulk or weight. This holster comes with a full sweat shield to keep hard edges from the body. Our .093" material covers all the essentials, including the magazine release and trigger, as any holster should. Also featured is our Adjustable Rubber Retention System that allows you to adjust the retention with a Philip's head screwdriver. All holster edges are rounded and smooth for Comfortable all day Concealed Carry at the Appendix Position. Also featured is the Grip Concealment Claw.

This holster is built for safety and made to last a lifetime. All Dara products are covered under a no BS Lifetime Warranty! For more information visit our FAQ page or our Inside the Waistband Holster Breakdown. Our recommended specs: Mid ride with a straight draw. These provide the most comfortable and concealable set up. 



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Lifetime Warranty!

    74 Reviews

  • Posted by Jacob G on 21st Apr 2023


    Glock 40 light bearing holster

    Fitment and retention are great on this holster for such a big pistol. Drawing and re holstering are clean and smooth.

  • Posted by Unknown on 24th Mar 2023


    Can CC a Glock 40 with X300U without printing

    I bought this holster because almost no one makes any holsters for a Glock 40 (6" barrel 10mm long slide). It's my nightstand gun, and I wanted some kind of holster for it. To my surprise, I can CC this pistol with a light attached (x300U) at the 3 o-clock position (with this AIWB holster) and it doesn't print any more than my Glock 19 in a crossbreed supertuck. It is comfortable getting in and out of my truck, the same or better than my 19/crossbreed combo. The key is that arm that pushes the gun's grip into your side. This works extremely well and is very effective at keeping the largest pistol that Glock makes from printing. I would not go out all day with this rig, (because I have other options, but I suppose I could) but it's perfectly fine and comfortable if you're going out shopping or running errands for a few hours. I never expected to be able to CC a Glock 40 (with a light!) But I can now, and I will thanks to Dara. Absolutely awesome holster. I'm thinking of replacing my Glock 19 holster with a Dara AIWB. For sure I will be coming to Dara for my light bearing holsters from now on.

  • Posted by Michael Parker on 22nd Mar 2023


    Great Holster

    I have gotten multiple holsters from Dara and they have always been great, perfect fit for every one and they have been durable plus the hardware they use is better quality than a lot of other manufacturers I’ve used. I wish the sweat guard was slightly narrower and slightly shorter on the holster for my PDP but overall very satisfied with the holster especially for the price.

  • Posted by Mike on 22nd Mar 2023


    Best holster I've owned

    Just got the holster Monday, and already love it! Construction seem's to be second to none and the belt clip is a force to be reckoned with. Usually my experience with attaching The holster to my belt has been less than ideal and most release at the worst possible time, but not this one and I love it! As of now would definitely buy again also the gun belt I purchased seems to be working great alongside the holster. ?

  • Posted by Carlos Ayuso on 17th Jan 2023


    Getting one for my other pistols

    What can I said that is not said already, but I bought a different holster for P365X and I din’t like the fell of it, I got this one and fit perfect and with a light, doesn’t matter what position i have it, it doesnt bother or poke me or anything like that. I truly recommend the holster, I will buying one for my Glock 21, and FN FNX-45. I hope you make one for the new FN 545.

  • Posted by Carlos Ayuso on 12th Jan 2023


    Great IWB holster

    Nice construction, pistol lock into place nicely with the light, is comfortable to wear, I’m planning on ordering another one for M18

  • Posted by TLar on 19th Sep 2022


    AIWB for Glock 34 with TLR-1.

    Having fairly limited options when it come to an AIWB holster for the Glock 34 with a TLR-1 DARA knocked this one out of the park. This holster makes it easy to appendix carry a G34 when paired with the right clothing. Overall build quality is outstanding, retention is good, and best of all there is an audible click when the holster indexes. Shows that DARA does their homework providing a top notch product. Night and day difference over fit and finish compared to my previous "Were Those People" holster.

  • Posted by Curt on 2nd Sep 2022


    Aiwb light bearing holster

    Amazing holster with just the right amount of retention. The only way it would be better is if it came with the option of having 2 clips rather than 1 big one, but I guess that's just personal preference

  • Posted by Josh Karcie on 17th Aug 2022


    Full size XDM with an optic and light

    This holster is amazing. I'm able to conceal a full size XDM with a light and vortex razor optic without printing or being uncomfortable.

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