10 Stocking Stuffers for the Gun Lover Under $25

Published by Dana on 30th Nov 2016

1. T-Shirts! My favorite t-shirts are from Grunt Style. They are very well priced, ranging from $12.95 - $25. They're not cheesy and not overly vulgar, so they make a great gift for anyone. I have placed about 5 large orders with them in the last 6 months, the t-shirts are very high quality and show no signs of shrinking or wear. They also generally ship within 24 hours, although it might fluctuate due to Christmas.

These are my top picks:

Don't Tread On Me - Front PhantomMen's Rifle FlagMade in the USA

2. Hyve Technologies Gear! If you've seen our Instagram or Facebook, you probably already know that we are huge fans of Hyve Technologies. They made accessories for the Glock 42, 43, 26, 27, 33, 23, and 32. As well as the Smith & Wesson Shield 9/.40. They function flawlessly and look great. Here is a picture of my Hyve gear:

My top picks are:

_mg_0493slide cover plate- engraving options_mg_0503

3. Gun Oil! Gun oil or lubes and cleaning kits are something everyone can use. Even if the gift-receiver already has some items, they'll always welcome some new products.  I just purchased XADO SNIPEX Gel Revitalizant here.

4. Decals- Who doesn't like decals? They're generally inexpensive and you can put them on any flat, non porous surface. I just bought a bunch from Founders Republic. We put them up in our bedroom, our storefront and in our warehouse facility.

My top picks:

AC-130 - Wall Decal - Founders Republic LLCAbram Tank Firing - Wall Decal - Founders Republic LLCWe the People - Wall Decal - Founders Republic LLC

5. Beltman Inc. Leather Coasters are pretty cool. It's a great creative use for that left over material he's probably overloaded with. I bought several for myself and for my family. I highly recommend the Jumping Bass and the Great Seal of the USA. Keep in mind these are sold as 1 coaster, so order accordingly.

6. Beltman Inc. Key Hangers are another great idea. They come in a couple of different finishes, and look awesome.

7. SOE Gear Combat Cock- Before you even ask, there really is no point to it. It's a quirky, funny gift from a company that strongly believes in Military support and American made products.

Combat Cock

8. Savage Tacticians Coffee - For anyone who likes bold coffee, go with Full Auto. It's basically all I drink now and it's delicious. Makes a great gift for any coffee drinker!

9. Magpul Wallet- Gone are the days when people carried bi and tri fold wallets. Today's designs are slim and basic, the perfect example: Magpul DAKA Micro Wallet.

10. Hats- Art15 Clothing has some great options. Grab this hat and some patches, and you're all set!

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