• 8th Oct 2020

    Holster Options for XDM Elite with TLR-1

    Check out our Holster Options for the Springfield XDM Elite series with the Streamlight TLR-1. Are you in search of the perfect holster solution for your XDM Elite with Streamlight TLR-1? Loo…

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  • 24th Sep 2020

    Holster Options for the TLR-7a

    Check out our Holster options for the Streamlight TLR-7a... Adding a light to your pistol can enhance your shooting experience in more ways than one, and Dara Holsters offers a range of holster o…

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  • 16th Sep 2020

    Ruger 57 Holster Options

    Check out Holster options for the Ruger -57 Centerfire pistol. Impressive ergonomics include an easy trigger reach, 1911-style ambidextrous manual safety, robust slide release and reversible…

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  • 4th Sep 2020


    Click to Shop - Use code "LABORDAY2020" to save this Labor Day Weekend! ends Monday 11:59 EST…

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  • 3rd Sep 2020

    Holster Claw and Attachments: Explained

    Check out this article on the Appendix Holster Claw attachments: What they look like, what they're for and how they affect your concealed carry experience. What is the purpose of a Holster C…

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  • 21st Aug 2020

    Holsters for Sig X5 & XCarry Frames

    Holster options for the Sig Sauer X Frame Grip Modules.X5, X-Full - X-Carry - X-CompactOur Sig X Frame Holsters are available for the X5, which fits the Sig X 5 (Five), the X5 Legion and the X-Full. A…

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  • 14th Aug 2020

    IWB Holster Options for Firearms with Optic

    IWB Holster Options for Firearms with Optic: Comparing the IWB Holster, the Slick Side IWB Holster and the Minimalist IWB Holster. IWB Holster options from most amount of material coverage to le…

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  • 29th Jul 2020

    Sig Sauer P226 Action Sport Holster

    Our Action Sport Holster for the Sig Sauer P226 is the BEST Competition Holster on the Market. Here's why... Our Action Sport Holster for the Sig P226 is made from .093" thick purpos…

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  • 22nd Jul 2020

    Versatile Holster Mount: The Tough-Claw

    Check out the most versatile, non-invasive holster mounting option: The Tough-Claw Holster FEATURES Small version designed to quickly…

    Published by Dara Holsters

  • 21st Jul 2020

    Holster Options for Sig M18

    Holster Options for the Sig Sauer M18 Please note: as of May 2020 all holsters for the M18 are made optics-ready. This means your holster will come pre-configured for a Red Dot Sight and tall, su…

    Published by Dara Holsters

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