• 17th Jan 2020

    Competition Belt Holster and Mag Pouches for 2020

    Our Drop Offset Competition Holster package is made for over 300 popular competition pistols such as the M&P9 Performance Center, Walther Q5 Match, Glock 19, 17 & 34, and more!Get ready to dom…

  • 13th Jan 2020

    4 Top Rated Holsters for the Sig P365

    The Sig P365 has taken the Concealed Carry world by storm since it's grand entrance in January 2018. It's higher capacity, slick design and micro compact size make this a very desirable acquisition fo…

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  • 7th Jan 2020

    Holster Colors 2020

    Check out our up to date color offerings for January 2020.…

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  • 2nd Jan 2020

    Top Concealed Carry Holsters of 2019

    5. MTO Minimalist AIWB Holster Our MTO (Made to Order) Minimalist AIWB Holster has a sleek, minimal design- perfect for everyday carry. The Slim line h…

    Published by Dara Holsters

  • 30th Dec 2019

    IDPA Approved Competition Holsters

        Competition Holsters Gear Up for 2020 with our IDPA Approved Competition Gear. 2020 is fast approaching, bringing in a new season for Competitive Shooting. This new year will brin…

    Published by Dara Holsters

  • 21st Nov 2019

    Optic cut Duty Holster - Level 2 Retention

    Check out our Level 2 Retention holster, capable of accommodating an optic, light and co-witness sights. Fits all Red Dot Sights.Features-Our Custom Duty OWB Holsters are hand crafted in the USA from…

    Published by Dara Holsters

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