AIWB Holster with Wedge

AIWB Holster with Wedge

Published by Dana on 30th Aug 2016

PLEASE NOTE: As of 3/5/2018 We have replaced the AIWB "Wedge" with the Grip Concealment Claw (above)

A question we get asked pretty regularly is, "What is the main difference between the Appendix Carry IWB Holster (AIWB Holster) and the Custom Kydex IWB Holster?"

The answer is... not much. The only difference is the wedge option we provide. Most companies have a couple more differences between their IWBs and AIWBs, such as less material on their Appendix Carry Holsters. We think any IWB Holster should have the least amount of material necessary, though. So we ensure that quality is present with all of our holsters.

The wedge is not an extra piece that is screwed onto the holster when needed. It is used during the molding process, to tilt the belt attachment in such a way that the grip becomes tucked into the body. See the picture above? The black and blue line on the top represents the belt. As you can see, there is a bit more space on the grip side of the holster, pushing that grip into your body.

See the wedge in action here:

As you can see, the Glock 19 is fully concealed, thanks to that double stack grip being pulled into the body. For reference to any who are looking into purchasing an AIWB holster, this one is mid ride with a straight draw. That is the set up we recommend the most, as it is the most concealable across the board for almost every pistol.

Here are more close ups of the wedge:

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