• New: Updated Holster Ride Height and Cant Charts

    7th Dec 2017

    New: Updated Holster Ride Height and Cant Charts

    Updated Ride Height & Cant Angle Chart: Forward Cant Angles:Explore the diverse forward cant angles available, each paired with different ride heights. The comprehensive diagram depicts a 1.5" be…

    Published by Dana

  • AIWB Holster + Mag Carrier

    7th Nov 2017

    AIWB Holster + Mag Carrier

    This Appendix Rig is the most innovative of its kind! Why? Because it's flexible design conforms to ANY body type for comfortable all day appendix carry.This Rig is made from .093" Kydex/Boltaron conn…

    Published by Dana

  • Dara Holster AIWB Holsters

    1st Jun 2017

    Dara Holster AIWB Holsters

    Walther PPS AIWB Holster with J-Hook above. This holster features a mid ride height with straight draw option, perfect for concealment around 12 o'clock (appendix carry). The J-Hook sits behind the be…

    Published by Dana

  • Kydex Appendix Holster

    11th Oct 2016

    Kydex Appendix Holster

    Our Kydex Appendix Holsters differ from the Custom Kydex IWB Holster in that there is an additional option called the Wedge that positions the belt attachment in such a way, that tilts the grip into t…

    Published by Dana

  • Kydex Appendix Holsters

    6th Oct 2016

    Kydex Appendix Holsters

    Appendix Carry is becoming increasingly popular. Five years ago, it seems that the carry position was frowned upon and discouraged, carrying the stigma of shooting your junk off should your trigger fi…

    Published by Dana

  • AIWB Holster with Wedge

    30th Aug 2016

    AIWB Holster with Wedge

    PLEASE NOTE: As of 3/5/2018 We have replaced the AIWB "Wedge" with the Grip Concealment Claw (above)A question we get asked pretty regularly is, "What is the main difference between the Appendix Carry…

    Published by Dana

  • 12th Oct 2015

    Everything You Need to Know About Appendix Carry

    Carrying Concealed at the Appendix Everything you need to know about Appendix Concealed Carry. AIWB Kydex Holster, high ride, straight draw- for the Walther PPS…

    Published by Dana Vogel

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