Auto Locking Quick Disconnect: the Why

Published by Dara Holsters on 20th Jun 2023

Whenever we post a video of the ALQD we often get asked, by new shooters in earnest or by online trolls: "why would you need to change gear quickly?"

While there are many relevant scenarios in which you would need to change or disconnect your gear quickly, the most prevalent would be while in use at the range. Run out of ammo and want to change calibers? Swap your gun and holster. Firearm have a malfunction during a match? Swap your gun and holster. Getting late and you want to run a WML? Swap your gear out for a light bearing gun.

In any of these cases, the ability to swap gear without unholstering or unbuckling your belt buckle would be ideal. The ALQD Auto Locking Quick Disconnect System allows you to connect, disconnect and switch out your gear fast, without having to unholster.

Mount an ALQD Receiver in your safe, your vehicle and on your belt to go from the safe, to your truck and then your belt without ever having to unholster. Mount a Quick Disconnect to your night stand, under your desk or in your garage for quick and easy access.

The Auto Locking Quick Disconnect features an auto locking system to secure your gear. Paired with a manual safety, you can be sure that your holster is locked to the belt until you're ready to disconnect.

Show in this video: Level II Retention Holster with ALQD System

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