Best Holster Options for Vehicle Carry

Best Holster Options for Vehicle Carry

Published by Dana on 21st Aug 2017

It's often uncomfortable to carry while driving. What makes a holster comfortable and concealable when standing, may prove the opposite when riding in a car for any extended amount of time. The perfect solution? A Mounted Vehicle Holster!

There are a couple of holster mounting options to suit the various needs of our customers: One option is the permanent mounting base which is most commonly used to mount the holster to the dashboard under the steering column. See below...

Springfield XD Vehicle Holster

This type of Mounted Holster is perfect for States that allow open carry in a vehicle. It allows easy access to your CCW when you need it, but keeps it up and out of the way securely when you don't.

All Vehicle Holsters come with Adjustable Retention- meaning that the gun will not go anywhere unless you want it to. They can also accommodate Light/Lasers, Optics, Extended After Market Add-ons and Suppressor Height Sights. We also offer Level II Retention Mounted Holsters if needed.

Another Mounting Option for Vehicle Carry is the Tough-Claw Holster. See Below...

Tough Claw Mounted Holster

The Tough Claw Holster is attached to a Ram Mount Tough-Claw which clamps onto any railing with a 0.625"-1.5" diameter. The rubber lined, no slip tough-claw clamps onto the seat rail (or kayak rails, boat rails, etc.) and provides a toolless, noninvasive mounting option for those with leases and rental vehicles. The bonus here, is that the tough-claw is highly maneuverable and is able to be concealed easily for those residing in states where open carry is not lawfully permitted.

RMR cut Tough Claw Holster for Motorcycle Carry

Above is a customer photo of the RMR cut Tough Claw Vehicle Holster on a motorcycle. The tough-claw can also be used as a Home Defense System, since the claw can mount to any railing, spherical or not.

Glock 26 Mounted Vehicle Holster

To view our Mounted Holster Options, please visit our Mounted Vehicle Holster Section and choose which option best suits your needs. 

Both Right and Left Handed Mounting Options are available- be sure to do a bit of recon before purchasing so you are able to choose your mounting side according to the location of the mount.

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