• 9th Oct 2020

    Dara Holsters OWB: Versatile & Modular

    Check out the Light bearing Optic cut OWB Holster and all the attachments you can choose from...The Double Loop With three…

    Published by Dara Holsters

  • 22nd Jul 2020

    Versatile Holster Mount: The Tough-Claw

    Check out the most versatile, non-invasive holster mounting option: The Tough-Claw Holster FEATURES Small version designed to quickly…

    Published by Dara Holsters

  • 29th Aug 2019

    NEW: Holster Finder Tool

    Check out our new Holster Finder Tool! This should help our customers determine the best holster to suit their needs. It's still in the beginning stages, but bear with us while we perfect i…

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  • 16th Jul 2019

    Holster Systems for Your Vehicle

    Ok, picture this... you're getting into your car to go somewhere, your ccw secured at your hip. You get in the driver's side, right arm reaching across your left shoulder to grab the seat belt. You…

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  • 17th Apr 2019

    Wheelchair Mounted Holster

    I swear we have the coolest customers. Check out these customer photos below: For the full review of our Mounted Holster by this customer, …

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  • 15% off RAM Mounted Vehicle Holsters

    22nd Jan 2018

    15% off RAM Mounted Vehicle Holsters

    Shot Show Sale: 15% off all RAM Mounted Vehicle Holsters!Go see RAM Mounts at SHOT Show 2018 at booth 741. They've got a full display of our patented Mounted Holster Systems. Sale Details:15% off…

    Published by Dana

  • Introducing: The Tough-Wedge™ Holster

    17th Oct 2017

    Introducing: The Tough-Wedge™ Holster

    Introducing: The Tough-Wedge™ HolsterThe Tough-Wedge™ is a seat wedge mount that fits in the gap between the vehicle seat and center console; allowing easy access and operation of your mounted h…

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  • Best Holster Options for Vehicle Carry

    21st Aug 2017

    Best Holster Options for Vehicle Carry

    It's often uncomfortable to carry while driving. What makes a holster comfortable and concealable when standing, may prove the opposite when riding in a car for any extended amount of time. The perfec…

    Published by Dana

  • Dara Holsters' Mounted Vehicle Holster Review

    12th Jun 2017

    Dara Holsters' Mounted Vehicle Holster Review

    Quick Shipping RAM Mounted Vehicle Holster Review from Joncal44:The ram mount and holster work perfectly for what I was looking for. I had to drill a few holes and take some panels off but it works…

    Published by Dana

  • Home Defense Packages

    15th Mar 2017

    Home Defense Packages

    We've recently added a Home Defense Package featuring the Streamlight TLR-1s.The contents of the package include a RAM Mounted Holster with the mounting base of your choice, along with a Streamlight T…

    Published by Dana

  • Tough-Claw Mounted Holsters

    7th Mar 2017

    Tough-Claw Mounted Holsters

    We now have Quick Shipping RAM Mounted Vehicle Holsters. These holsters are made for a number of firearms with your choice of mounting side. Both holsters shown above are mounted on the left, or the m…

    Published by Dana

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