Black Carbon Fiber Texture Holsters FAQ's

Published by Dara Holsters on 30th Sep 2021

Black Carbon Fiber Texture Holsters: Check it out...

We often get asked about our black carbon fiber texture. Is the inside of the holster also textured? Is the Carbon Fiber texture abrasive on the skin? Is it comfortable to carry inside the waistband? Read on...

Is the Carbon Fiber Texture holster textured on the inside? No.


The inside of the carbon fiber texture holster is smooth and shiny. This is the same for any of our holster colors. The only difference between options will be the hue.

Is the Carbon Fiber Texture abrasive on the skin? No.

The Carbon Fiber Texture is no more abrasive than any other Kydex or Boltaron material. Though textured, both the matte and shiny rectangles are smooth to the touch.

Is the Carbon Fiber Texture comfortable to wear Inside the Waistband? Yes!


The Carbon Fiber Texture is comfortable to wear IWB with or without an undershirt. In our experience, customers rarely notice a difference. Check out the video below of our Glock 19 IWB Holster in Black Carbon Fiber Texture.

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