10th Jun 2016 Dana

Holster of the Week: RMR Cut OWB Holster

It seems like every week, certain products will be exponentially more popular than the others. Usually when a new product is released, that new product will be at the top for a while. But if nothing new is released, its fair game for all the holsters. It's always fun (maybe just for me) to see what everyone is ordering, seemingly all at the same time.

This week: the RMR Cut OWB Holster. Mainly for the Glock 40 MOS

This is a customer's picture that he submitted on Instagram. If you're not following us yet, you should be! Tag us in all of your Dara Holsters pics @daraholsters.

Shopping around for a pistol red dot sight? Check out the ones below:



10th Jun 2016 Dana

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