Hyve Shield 9mm +2 Mag Extension

Hyve Shield 9mm +2 Mag Extension

Published by Dana on 3rd Nov 2016

Last week I received my +2 Shield 9mm Magazine Extension from Hyve Technologies. Apparently my color choice... let's just say it's not the popular choice among reddit critics-or anyone at Dara Holsters, really anyone who's seen it, but I love it anyways. So here she is:

You don't even have to say anything, I know- she's beautiful.

The +2 Extension fits on the 9mm 8 round magazine and allows me to carry 10 +1 and still maintain the slim profile of the Smith & Wesson Shield. I realize that the grip is a troublesome area for most people, as the grip is generally the area of the gun that prints the most- however, if you have a great holster that allows you to carry in the most concealed way possible, it shouldn't be an issue.

Also of note: there are other color options available. 

You can choose the extension color and the mag stop color, possibilities are endless!

Here is a picture showing the size in relation to my hand: keep in mine I'm a female with pretty small hands!

This IWB Holster has been with me for a very long time now. I carry it around 5 o'clock and it allows for perfect placement near the small of back! The Specs are as follows: right hand draw, high ride height with a 15° forward cant angle. The color is OD Green with a 1.5" Black Carbon Fiber belt clip. "1.5" refers to your belt width! and for anyone questioning the stability of a single clip, I've never had any issues in the last 5 years with our clips.

As you can see, the gun is positioned near the small of back with the grip extending up into the concave area of the back. The holster is held in place with a Horsehide (no internal stiffener) Beltman Belt! I cannot recommend these belts enough- they are the only belts that we wear over here, and it's been that way since our first Beltman Belt in 2013.

The horsehide belt retails for around $100, which may seem steep. BUT if you buy a cheap Walmart belt for $25, you'll need 4 of them by the time you'll need to purchase a new Beltman belt. Weigh your options, but just remember- you get what you pay for. 

Here I am perfectly concealing the Shield 9mm with, now, 10+1 rounds:

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