OWB Attachment Package

OWB Attachment Package

Published by Dana on 5th Oct 2016

We now offer an OWB Attachment Package featuring all of our OWB Holster attachment options!

OWB Attachment Package

This package comes with the Double Belt Loop, a favorite amongst Law Enforcement, Military and Competitive Shooters, the Single Loop Attachment, the standard for OWB Holsters, and the Paddle attachment for an easy on/off solution.

The Paddle is a favorite for those who frequent the shooting range. With it's easy on/off capability, the paddle is great for practicing your draw stroke with several different holsters, without having to unholster your firearm. The paddle slips between the body and pants, and hooks up underneath the belt when drawing.


The Double Loop attachment is great for physically active carriers or for those carrying heavy firearms. Having two points of contact on the belt enhances stability and also distributes the weight on the belt, more so than a standard loop. The Double Loop also gives you the ability to adjust the cant angle of the holster, as well as the ability to drop the ride height.

Kydex Holster Double Loop

The Single Loop is our go-to belt attachment for most OWB Holsters. The loop is sturdy and made for everyday use. The loop measures .25" thick, so it will fit most belts with no issue.

Kydex Holster Loop

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