Preferred IWB Holster Ride Heights & Cant Angles

Preferred IWB Holster Ride Heights & Cant Angles

Published by Dana on 29th Nov 2016

Recommended Specs According to Carry Position

Appendix Carry

The Appendix Carry Position is meant to be worn from 11 o'clock - 1 o'clock, the most common being 12 o'clock. 

There are a couple of different holsters for this option, the most popular two being the CustomAIWB Holster and the Modular Appendix Rig. These are specifically meant for Appendix Carry. Aside from the svelte design, these holsters have an optionalwedge to tuck the grip into the body, alleviating the common dilemma of grip-printing. Don't have a light/laser and want to get your holster fast?

The most highly recommended specs for Appendix Carry is a mid ride, straight draw. This is the most concealable

Hip Carry- (3-4 o'clock right handed) & (9-8 o'clock left handed)

The Hip or Strong-side Carry Position is the most common concealed carry position. Any of our IWB or OWB Quick Shipping Holsters are perfectly suitable for this position and modeled after the recommended ride height and cant angle for this position.Do you have a light or laser? Check out our Custom IWB Holster. Want to keep your shirt tucked in over your firearm? Check out our Tuckable IWB Holster.

The recommended specs for carrying at the hip are a mid ride height, with a 7.5° forward cant angle.

Small of Back Carry (6 o'clock) Palm In

Small of Back carry is carried at 6 o'clock, sometimes at the 5:30 position. This position has been discouraged due to spinal injury should you slip or fall, but is still commonly practiced amongst concealed carriers. The rule of thumb when choosing a holster cant angle, is the farther toward the small of back you carry, the greater the cant angle should be. Whereas on the hip you would want a 7.5° cant angle, at the Small of Back, you'll want a mid ride, 15° forward cant angle.

Small of Back Carry (6 o'clock) Palm Out

As stated previously Small of Back carrying is discouraged, but even more so when drawing with your palm facing out. Drawing like this results in muzzle sweeping your body in vital areas and should be avoided unless you have a back or should injury making it difficult to carry any other way.

The recommended specs for carrying at the Small of Back, with your palm facing out, is a high ride, 15° reverse cant angle. Please note: Do NOT overthink this holster. If you are right handed, do NOT order left handed to compensate for the draw. We have a specific holster for this type of carry. ALSO NOTE: If you select a reverse cant angle, do not select a low ride height unless you are a seasoned carrier, your grip is guaranteed to be buried. A mid ride, might bury the grip as well, which is why a high ride is recommended.

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