• M&P Shield IWB Holster & Nylon Tacbelt

    17th Apr 2017

    M&P Shield IWB Holster & Nylon Tacbelt

    I know we keep hammering on about these dual layered nylon belts but SERIOUSLY folks, they're awesome! This is our guy Jon sporting the M&P Shield 9mm at 5 o'clock in our IWB Holster. T…

    Published by Dana

  • Walther PPS M2 AIWB Holster and Nylon TacBelt

    12th Apr 2017

    Walther PPS M2 AIWB Holster and Nylon TacBelt

    Carrying the Walther PPS M2 at the Appendix position today in our AIWB Holster and the new dual layer Tacbelt. We've been wearing the belts for the last few weeks, making sure the quality st…

    Published by Dana

  • Best Gunbelts for Carrying

    24th Mar 2017

    Best Gunbelts for Carrying

    Everybody mentions that drawer full of holsters, but what nobody talks about is the rack full of gunbelts. Choosing a proper gunbelt is important, and shouldn't be a last minute consideration…

    Published by Dana

  • Belt Drawing

    28th Jan 2016

    Belt Drawing

    All orders placed today will be automatically entered into a drawing for a new Bullhide Gun Belt made in Apex, NC by The Belt Man. These gun belts are 1.5" in width and made from Genuine Bullhide. Win…

    Published by Dana

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