• 17th Jan 2020

    Competition Belt Holster and Mag Pouches for 2020

    Our Drop Offset Competition Holster package is made for over 300 popular competition pistols such as the M&P9 Performance Center, Walther Q5 Match, Glock 19, 17 & 34, and more!Our Drop Offset…

  • Walther Q5 Match Holsters

    24th Oct 2017

    Walther Q5 Match Holsters

    Top 3 Walther Q5 Match Holsters of the Year:Drop Offset HolsterAction Sport HolsterLevel II Retention HolsterThe Drop Offset Holster The Drop Offset Holster for the Walther Q5 Match has been one of t…

    Published by Dana

  • Walther Holsters

    7th Feb 2017

    Walther Holsters

    Michelle Jean's Walther PPS M2 IWB Holster in Black Carbon fiber! Mid ride height and 7.5° forward cant angle. All IWB Holsters come with adjustable retention and a lifetime Warranty!Custom IWB Holste…

    Published by Dana

  • Smith & Wesson M&p 2.0 and Holster

    18th Jan 2017

    Smith & Wesson M&p 2.0 and Holster

    Absolutely loving the M&P 2.0!The trigger really is that much better than the original. I do have the 9mm, the .40 and the .45 to compare it to, and I do have to say that it's absolutely all that it's…

    Published by Dana

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