The Dara Holsters J-Hook

The Dara Holsters J-Hook

Published by Dana on 5th Sep 2016

J-Hook attachment:

J-Hook Holster

The J-Hook is by far the most unique and concealable attachment we offer. Made from .093" Boltaron/Kydex, the j-hook is tough and sturdy, without adding bulk to your holster.

Fitting between the pants and the belt and hooking up underneath the belt, the j-hook is barely visible with a shirt slung over it. The only visible part of the j-hook is the 1/4" lip that catches the belt.

Holster J-Hook

As you can see in the above pictures, the j-hook is perfectly fitted to most 1/4" thick bullhide/leather gunbelts. That is the type of belt that the j-hook was originally designed around, and that is what the attachment works best with. 

An ill fitting j-hook looks like this:

As you can see this belt (about 1/8" thick) is similar to the thickness of a single layer nylon belt. We strongly advise against these types of belt with any attachment for concealed carry. Just because the belt is called "Tactical Whatever" does not mean that it is good for carrying a firearm. We highly recommend investing in a good gunbelt, like The Belt Man.

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