Walther Q5 Match Race Holster

Walther Q5 Match Race Holster

Published by Dana on 23rd Sep 2016

Custom Race Holster

Our Custom Race Holsters are made from .125" Black Boltaron/Kydex for a sturdy, capable competition holster. Each Race Holster comes with Adjustable Retention, fastened with hardware that comes pre-coated in a shock absorbing thread weld. Our Holsters are molded to your exact Firearm for a perfect fit every time- confirmed by an audible click once the gun is fully seated.

The top of the slide is cut away for the fastest draw possible, resulting in a quicker overall target acquisition. You choose your slide coverage, as well as ride height and cant angle, to create a holster that perfectly matches your draw stroke.

Each holster is 100% USA Made and backed by a Lifetime Warranty!

How to Order:

Choose your Firearm from the Drop down Menu. If your Firearm is not on the list, shoot us an e-mail to see if it's one that can be added!

Choose Right Hand Shooter or Left Hand Shooter.

Choose your Ride Height. How high would you like the holster to sit on the belt? Not sure- check out this illustration:


Most folks order their Race Holsters with a Mid Ride Height.

Cant Angle: See above. Most Race Holsters are ordered with a Straight Draw.

Slide Coverage is next up. We offer 1"-2" in quarter inch increments. The most common is 1-1.5" of coverage. This is specifying how much material will wrap around the slide towards the muzzle area.

The Belt Attachment option is the final drop down menu. We highly recommend purchasing the Double Loop Attachment with this Custom Holster. The Double Loop not only offers the most stability on the belt, but also allows the user to adjust the ride height and cant angle. Another benefit of the Double Loop is the option to attach a Drop Offset to drop the holster down.

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