Why Dara Holsters?

Why Dara Holsters?

Published by Dana on 27th Jan 2017

More Choices

Dara Holsters was based off the idea that if we can offer it, we should offer it. This idea has brought us to where we are now, offering absolutely everything we can to our customers. If we don't offer it, it's safe to assume that nobody else does either. 

We have over 290 firearm options, over 120 light/laser options, and 32 holster styles & packages to choose from. Each holster offers 9 color choices, 6 belt attachment options, 3 ride heights and 9 cant angles. Build a holster from the ground up that's perfect for you. Don't pick one that's pre-made and hope it works.

Superior Attachments

All Dara Holsters belt attachments are made in house at our North Carolina manufacturing facility located at 4120 Wendell Blvd. Wendell, NC 27591 USA. Each one goes through several quality checks before it's considered for assembly. We do not use cheap imported attachments, nor do we use inferior injection molded attachments that break shortly after first use. We have been stress testing our attachments for the last 6 years against all the most popular injection molded options, finding ours come out on top test after test. Don't let any company fool you- everything can eventually break, nothing is indestructible. However, we are so confident in our products that we offer a Lifetime no BS Warranty.

Smoother Edges

One thing that stands out to every single one of our customers- the edges. We don't simple scrape the edges with sandpaper and call it a day. We don't use cookie cutter CNC programs to cut our edges, not because we can't but because we prefer to do it old school, with our hands. Because every firearm is different and should be treated differently. Each holster perfectly follows the contours of the gun, creating a flawless fit that's also pleasing to the eye. 

As most of our orders are for concealment holsters that fit inside the waistband, extra time and effort goes into making sure there are no hard or rough edges anywhere on the holster. We take pride in our products, even if that means spending a little extra time on them.

Better Fit

We're all gun guys here, the greatest thing for us is when another of our kind recognizes the hard work put into each product. Our holsters are built specifically for your gun. Extended mag releases, extended slide locks, taller sights, slide millings, RMRs, we will accommodate anything you have because this holster is securing the tool that may end up saving your life one day and no one-size-fits-all holster will do that job safely.

The Best Materials

Be assured that when you buy a Dara Holster, the materials that make it are the highest quality money can buy. Not only does our retention hardware come pre coated in a shock absorbing thread weld, all hardware is made in the US from a combination of Melonite coated chrome Molly steel and Black 316 INOX Stainless Steel hardware.

Because of our high volume we are able to purchase our material from the manufacturer in very large quantities. This means that not only do we know where the material is coming from, we can also be confident that the consistency of the material is flawless and also consistent with the company's standards.

Lifetime Warranty

All Dara products come with a FULL Lifetime no BS Warranty. That means that if anything happens to your gear, it will be fixed or replaced- no questions asked. It is because of our loyal following that we can offer such a warranty, and we are deeply grateful for your business.

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