Light bearing Concealed Carry Package

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The Light bearing Concealed Carry Package is the perfect package for anyone who carries a concealed pistol. This package comes with the ever-popular Inside the Waistband Holster, built from the ground up with your specifications and an Inside the Waistband Single Mag Carrier. The Concealed Carry Package comes with everything you need to carry your everyday concealed carry pistol and a single mag carrier for times when you may need back up. Made from .093" Kydex/Boltaron and fastened using Stainless Steel hardware. Both Holster and Mag Carrier come with an adjustable Rubber Retention System. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty!

- 1 IWB Holster w/Light/Laser attachment
- 1 IWB Single Mag Carrier

Need additional IWB magazine carriers?

Need a good gun belt? Check out our KORE Essentials EDC Belt, here.

Please choose your exact make and model. Failure to mention any details that influence the external dimensions of your firearm will result in fitment issue.

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Lifetime Warranty

    22 Reviews

  • Posted by Kevin Thomas on 8th Sep 2023



    Oh yea I forgot just ordered another one for my Springfield armory echelon.

  • Posted by Kevin Thomas on 8th Sep 2023


    Light bearing holster

    Purchase a light bearing holster for my Glock 20 Gen 5 IWB believe what I tell you for a full size pistol the holster is very concealable, sturdy and comfortable with a 7.5 forward cant great quality. Make sure you have a solid EDC belt. Nice job DARA....

  • Posted by Dustyn Carroll on 12th Aug 2023


    Dara concealed carry package

    Fits perfectly as described, reasonable processing time. Initial tweaking needed for desired grip on the gun and magazine, but it was easy to do with a screw driver.

  • Posted by Jerry A on 14th Jul 2023


    Exactly what I needed for my FNX .45 tactical

    I am very happy with my holster choice. Beautiful kydex carbon fiber pattern, it is embossed, not cheap hydrographics. Excellent retention out of the box (adjustable) Fast, and smooth draws even with RDS(holosun 508T fits perfectly) raised night sights, and laser. The high placement, 15* forward cant allows for easier draws while seated, especially in a vehicle (I drive a lot). I only wish there was a laser/light combo that was supported for the fnx holsters. Now I just need to see if the 460 Rowland compensator will fit without any work.

  • Posted by Eric on 19th Mar 2023


    Great Fit, Great Quality

    The mold is very detailed allowing for a very secure fit, i have a SIG P365 and TLR-6 Light. The mold is very snug and the adjustability of the tension is very easy to fine tune. I went with the loop option to ecure to my belt, it is very secure and keeps the holster securely in place when unholstering. The snaps portrude a little further than the clip but its not noticeable unless you wear fitted shirts. The optic cut out easily accommodates my holosun 406k. The included magazine clip is also very sturdy and has a tension adjustability just like the holster. They share the same quality in the mold. The only critique is i wish the sweat guard for the firearm went the length of the firearm, a high sweetguard would have been much better. I also would suggest for thinner users, the holster would benefit from having a rubberized or felt/foam edge on the bottom of the holster as it digs a little into your body.

  • Posted by Mike campagna on 15th Mar 2023



    Love this holster amazing quality I will definitely come back to buy more

  • Posted by Jesse Worley on 25th Feb 2023


    Light Bearing Carry Package

    A great CC holster and mag carrier. It fits my SIG P320 M18 perfectly. It's surprisingly light considering how well built it is, and very easy to conceal my pistol using this holster.

  • Posted by Jeffrey Loll on 7th Aug 2022


    Great Quality

    Perfect fit and great quality from a custom made holster. Very happy as there were few options to fit my custom firearm.

  • Posted by Mark on 31st Mar 2022


    Works great ! Perfect fit ..

    Love the design.. fits great

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