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Introducing Dara Holsters' revolutionary Patented Mounted Holster System, powered by RAM Mounts™ technology. Engineered for ultimate versatility and reliability, this innovative holster system is designed to provide secure firearm storage and quick access in any environment.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our Mounted Holster System seamlessly integrates with RAM Mounts™, ensuring a rock-solid attachment to various surfaces. Whether you're mounting it in your vehicle under the steering column or on the center console, beneath your desk, or inside cabinets and closets, rest assured your firearm will be safely stowed and easily accessible when needed.

With its intuitive design and robust construction, the Dara Holsters Mounted Holster System offers peace of mind and convenience for law enforcement professionals, military personnel, and responsible gun owners alike. Upgrade your firearm storage solution today with Dara Holsters' Patented Mounted Holster System.

Each Mounted Holster is molded precisely to fit your exact gun model. Seating your firearm fully into the holster will result in an audible click, letting you know your carry gun is secured. The Standard Mounted Holster features an adjustable Military Grade Rubber Retention System. The adjustable retention system can be tightened or loosened to the desired retention using a Philips head screwdriver.

This system comes with the RAM™ Flat Surface Mount, the diamond 1" poly coated ball base attached to the Dara Holster and stainless steel mounting hardware.

You can easily mount this holster to:

  • Any vehicle, whether it's a car or truck, under the steering column or on the center console.
  • The underside of desks, nightstands, end tables, or walls.
  • Inside cabinets, drawers, or closets for discreet storage and easy access.


This holster is not intended to be a multipurpose holster. The base can be switched out for another Mounting System, they are not intended for OWB or IWB carry. Patent Pending

For more information about choosing the Mounting Side of your Vehicle Holster, click here.

Have a light or laser attachment? Check out our Light bearing Mounted Holster!







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Lifetime Warranty.

    43 Reviews

  • Posted by Kevin on 21st Mar 2024


    carbon fiber vehicle mount holster

    Top notch perfect fit for my 1911. Very well made and looks awesome. Nice smooth retaining click. Still not sure how they did it, no mechanical parts, just built into the molds. Great product and value at this price. Thanks folks.

  • Posted by Phillip on 13th Jul 2022


    I highly recommend this product.

    I have been looking for a truck holster for a long time then a friend told me about Dara. I am not at all disappointed. Very easy to install.

  • Posted by Adam on 26th Oct 2021



    Perfect for my truck!!! Love this holster!!

  • Posted by Paul Robinson on 9th Sep 2021



    Fit perfectly into my constant safe. Awesome product, easy to install, works perfectly!

  • Posted by Kevin on 12th Jun 2021


    Pistol mount

    What can I say, the perfect solution for quick access to handgun. I have a 2017 wrangler hard rock and have been looking for ways to mount gun and accidentally came across Dara mount and looked like what the doctor ordered. So pleased with not only the mount but the custom holster for Walther q4 sf not like other mounts with universal holster. Thanks Dara I love it !!

  • Posted by Clarence J. Zeller III on 24th Jan 2021


    Ram Mounted Vehicle Holster

    The holster fit my weapon perfectly. It mounted in my truck with very little issues. It is mounted and working as prescribed! I Love it!

  • Posted by Austin on 22nd Oct 2020


    Truck mount

    I was looking for a certain set up.. And Dara holsters was my first thought....i was more than pleased with the holster & mount. It worked out perfectly!! Thanks

  • Posted by Dave on 8th Oct 2020


    Vehicle mounted

    Love this holster. It fits my HK beautifully. Holds it snug and yet very easy to draw. What I like best is that you can articulate the mount to provide the best access and yet keep it out of the way.

  • Posted by Stacy B on 7th Oct 2020


    Outstanding fitment with my firearm. Safe and secure.Easy to install because all of the mounting hardware is included. Excellent product.

    Outstanding fitment with my firearm. Safe and secure.Easy to install because all of the mounting hardware is included. Excellent product.

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