Fit Testing our Kydex Holsters before Shipment

Fit Testing our Kydex Holsters before Shipment

Published by Dana on 28th Aug 2017

What sets Dara Holsters apart from other Kydex holster companies?

First of all, many things. There is no one catch-all answer. And there is a lot of processes that I can't list, just like some mad scientist can't giveaway their secret formulas. BUT, I can tell you our step by step quality checking process...

Each order goes through 5 quality checks before shipment. Each check requires a manager's signature and all are mandatory to even print the shipping label. This is part of the reason for our wait time, but it also prevents us from getting the returns inherent to owning a retail business and also the fitment issues that a lot of holsters may have.

Quality Check #1

Our first quality check is done directly after the kydex is pressed. We lay out all of the orders to ensure color, cant angle, ride height and extras (like suppressor height sights, light/lasers) are included and correct.

Quality Check #2

Our second quality check comes after edges are finished. We ensure all edges are smooth by running our fingers across each edge. After the edge check is done, we also ensure there are no blemishes and that all items are included in the order. 

Quality Check #3

After each holster is assembled, there is another quality check to ensure it is assembled correctly with the correct belt attachments.

Quality Check #4

Another Manager will come in to make sure each mag carrier and firearm is correct. These guys can tell a Glock 30 holster from a Glock 30s holster by glancing at it- they're good!

Quality Check #5 

Fit testing is a huge part of our system. We are generally able to fit test most after market add-ons, as we have all of the actual lights/lasers and red dot sights that we list on the website. 

We fit test every holster that we have the firearm for to ensure a perfect fit every time. Because of our quality checks and fit testing, we rarely have issues or returns. Allowing us to spend our time on manufacturing and R&D to better serve our awesome customers!

A brief overview of our IWB Holster: Above is the Glock 26 IWB Holster with soft loops. The loops are a PVC coated nylon- nearly indestructible. All magazine releases are covered- no exceptions, as well as the trigger guard. 

You choose your cant angle, ride height, belt attachments, etc. And we are always available to help you with ordering!

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