HK VP9sk IWB Holster in Black Carbon Fiber

HK VP9sk IWB Holster in Black Carbon Fiber

Published by Dana on 9th Aug 2017

HK VP9sk IWB Holster & Mag Carrier

Our Concealed Carry Package consists of an Inside the Waistband Holster and IWB Mag Carrier for your chosen Firearm. Above is the HK VP9sk in Black Carbon Fiber Texture. 

The IWB Holster is made from .093" Kydex/Boltaron and fastened using a combination of Melonite coated chrome Molly steel and Black 316 INOX Stainless Steel hardware that won't scratch or rust!

HK VP9sk Concealed Carry Holster

With our minimalist single clip design, the holster is slim with no extra material to add excess bulk or weight. This holster comes with a full sweat shield to keep hard edges from the body. Our .093" material covers all the essentials, including the magazine release and trigger, as any holster should. Also featured is our Military Grade Rubber Adjustable Retention System that allows you to adjust the retention with a Philip's head screwdriver.

Lifetime Warranty Included!

Our Mag Carrier is made custom to fit your exact magazine, it is not intended as a universal mag carrier that will drop your mag if you move the wrong way. The Mag Carrier retention is adjustable, and you are able to choose from two bullet directions.

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