Kydex Holsters & Gear for Concealed Carry

Kydex Holsters & Gear for Concealed Carry

Published by Dana on 24th Apr 2017

We offer a TON of holster options for Concealed Carry. We try to keep all of our descriptions and pictures up to date as much as possible, but with so many products it's hard to keep track of what's current and what is out dated. The best way to keep up with our latest gear? Instagram.

We've recently added a "CONNECT" tab to our navigation menu, making it easier for you guys to a) keep in touch with us and b)see all of the new gear we're putting out.

We LOVE customer feedback. Reaching out to us via social media or e-mail to tell us your thoughts, ideas and concerns, gives us the motivation and critique to make the best products on the market. Listening to our customers is the #1 reason we've risen to the top of the Kydex Holster food chain!

Here are some of our latest shipments:

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