Kydex Holsters with Fast Shipping

Kydex Holsters with Fast Shipping

Published by Dana on 20th Feb 2017

Isn't that the dream? A quality Custom Holster with a very short lead time? 

Check out our Quick Ship Section! We've got tons of firearm options for both right and left handed shooters, and different belt attachment options and sizes.

We have our Quick Ship AIWB Holsters which are for the right or left handed, they come set with a mid ride and straight draw- the most concealable and comfortable set up for appendix carry. Quick Ship AIWB Holsters for appendix carry do not come with the wedge.

Appendix Carry Holster

We also have the Standard Quick Ship IWB Holster for both right and left handed carriers. These Inside the Waistband Holsters come with a mid ride height and 7.5° forward cant angle- perfectly suited for 3-5 o'clock (7-9 o'clock for lefties!). 

Inside the Waistband Holster

For Open Carriers we have our Quick Ship OWB Holsters. These come with your choice of belt attachment: single loops or paddles. They come in both right and left hand options and with a mid ride and 7.5° forward cant. You can also purchase the Double Loop attachment separately which will give you the ability to adjust your cant angle and drop your ride height.

Outside the Waistband Holster

All of our Quick Ship Holsters are pre-pressed, and then finished once an order is placed. The lead time is about a week!

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