• 8th Jun 2021

    Most Popular Holsters of 2021

    Most Popular Holsters of 2021: Take a look at the Drop Offset Action Sport Holster, our Light bearing Level 2 Duty Holster, the ALQD Mounted Holster and the Light bearing OWB…

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  • 17th Dec 2020

    Drop Offset vs. Straight Drop

    Check out a side by side comparison of the Drop Offset Attachment and the New Straight Drop Attachment. Both Attachments are compatible with any of our OWB Holsters, but only the Straight Drop will…

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  • 21st Nov 2019

    Optic cut Duty Holster - Level 2 Retention

    Check out our Level 2 Retention holster, capable of accommodating an optic, light and co-witness sights. Fits all Red Dot Sights.Features-Our Custom Duty OWB Holsters are hand crafted in the USA from…

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  • 1st Oct 2019

    Duty Holsters Optic Cut for RDS

    Dara's Level II Duty Holster is not just any OWB Holster with a hood slapped on it. It was designed from the ground up for the rigors duty and guaranteed for life. Starting with a robust body for…

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  • 29th Aug 2019

    NEW: Holster Finder Tool

    Check out our new Holster Finder Tool! This should help our customers determine the best holster to suit their needs. It's still in the beginning stages, but bear with us while we perfect i…

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  • 13th Jun 2018

    Level 2 Retention Holsters for Open Carry

    Open Carry is a somewhat controversial topic, but one thing nearly everyone will agree on: You need a second level of Retention if open carry is going to be a habit for you. A second level of retent…

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  • 21st May 2018

    Level II Retention Holster for Light Bearing Firearms

    PLEASE NOTE: We cannot make Level 2 Retention Holsters for any Firearm with a Slide Mounted Red Dot Sight. Firearm + Light/Laser CombinationsCZ P-10C + INFORCE APLc +$10FNX 45 + STREAMLIGHT TLR-1…

    Published by Dara Holsters

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