Tough-Claw Mounted Holsters

Tough-Claw Mounted Holsters

Published by Dana on 7th Mar 2017

No Drilling Mounted Vehicle Holster

We now have Quick Shipping RAM Mounted Vehicle Holsters. These holsters are made for a number of firearms with your choice of mounting side. Both holsters shown above are mounted on the left, or the mount is placed on the left side of the holster. This option is dependent upon how and where you want to mount the holster.

If you are right handed and plan to mount a Tough-Claw Holster to your seat rail, you'll want to get the mount placed on the left side as shown below:

Tough-Claw Mounted Vehicle Holster

Many newer model cars and trucks don't have a visible seat rail. It took me a couple of minutes to find a mounting spot on my Grand Cherokee, but there's about an inch of railing on either side that I was able to clamp the Tough-Claw onto. Here's a closer shot of the mount:

Tough-Claw Mounted Car Holster

The Touch-Claw had a no-slip rubber lined claw that clamps onto any railing .625"-1.5" in diameter. It swivels on a ball and socket type mount, making placement very convenient in tight spaces.

Grab the Tough-Claw Holster here. It's perfect for traveling in rental cars, hotels, showers, night stands, riding the ATV, kayaking and vehicle that you're leasing.

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