Vehicle Holster: Level II Mounted Holster with Tough-Claw

Vehicle Holster: Level II Mounted Holster with Tough-Claw

Published by Dana on 5th May 2016

Those that conceal carry while driving know the perils of trying to carry your gun in the waistband and fasten your seat belt while maintaining some level of comfort. Unless you have a very compact, short barreled carry weapon or a top secret way to carry IWB and not get jabbed while driving, you are usually subjected to some sort of pain. Unless, of course, you take your holster off when seated.

Last September we introduced our Mounted Holster Systems, a new way to carry your gun while driving that maintains safety, comfort, and quick accessibility. Our highly successful Vehicle Mounted Holster System can be drilled and mounted onto any flat surface, such as a dashboard, and provide a secure way to carry while driving. However, some customers were put off once they learned that the system required them to drill into their vehicles. Thus, the need for a non invasive approach to vehicle carry was brought to the table: The Mounted Holster using RAM Tough-Claw.

The Tough-Claw Holster  can be mounted to any railing with an outer diameter of .625"-1.5". It is a quick and easy tool-less installation that can be done anywhere there is a suitable railing. For most vehicles, there is a railing under the seat that it can attach to as shown below:

Now available is our Level II Retention Holster with Tough-Claw. This holster has the same manually rotating hood as our Level II Duty Holster, but with the RAM Mounted Tough-Claw that allows it to be mounted anywhere. The hood, or thumb-throw as some call it, serves as a second level of retention in addition to the adjustable Military Grade Rubber Retention System located near the trigger guard.

The Mounted Duty Holster with Tough-Claw can also be used on ATVs, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Kayaks, or other such vehicles with the proper railing to mount the holster. This quick and non invasive install also means that it can be used in rental vehicles, where drilling is just not an option.

To purchase the Duty Mounted Holster with Tough-Claw, click here.

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