IWB | Inside Waistband Holster

Sick of accumulating sub-par Concealed Carry Holsters? We make IWB Holsters with the best fit & function on the market. Stop wasting money and try our IWB Holster now.


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The Inside the Waistband Holster (IWB Holster) functions just like it's no-nonsense name. The IWB fits inside your waistband for the ultimate concealed carry holster. The trigger guard, magazine release and slide are all covered by material. Made from .093" Boltaron using rust resistant stainless steel hardware, our materials are far superior than our competition and will last a lifetime. Each holster comes with an adjustable retention system, specifically engineered for use with our tooling to hold the most minute adjustments. 

All IWB Holsters come optics ready with a taller sight channel that accommodates most taller co-witness sights- up to .5" tall. The edges of our holsters are rounded and polished- the best finish in the business- for comfortable all day concealed carry. The sweat shield extends to the rear of the slide, shaped to maximize comfort and minimize risk of pinching when re-holstering.

Concealed Carry has never been more successful, see why everyone is switching over to Dara Holster's IWB Holster.

IWB Holster Highlights:

  • Premium Boltaron Shell: Our IWB holster features a sturdy .093" Boltaron shell, meticulously crafted to maintain its shape for maximum concealability and durability.

  • Stainless Steel Hardware: Rust-resistant stainless steel hardware, secured with lock washers, ensures long-lasting performance and reliability in any environment.

  • Versatile Belt Attachments: Choose from three belt attachment options to accommodate belt sizes ranging from 1.5" to 2.25", providing a secure fit for every wearer.

  • Adjustable Retention: Customize your draw resistance with adjustable retention, allowing you to fine-tune your holster to your preferred specifications.

  • Snag-Free Design: Rounded and polished edges create a snag-free silhouette, preserving your clothing and ensuring a smooth draw every time.

  • Comfortable Sweatshield: Our rounded sweatshield offers protection, comfort, and easy re-holstering while worn inside the waistband, enhancing your overall carrying experience.

  • Optics Ready: Our IWB holsters come optics ready with a taller sight channel, allowing for co-witness front sight alignment for improved accuracy.

  • Lifetime Warranty: Built to last with the highest quality materials, our holsters are covered under a lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind with every purchase.

  • Secure Assembly: All attachment hardware is coated in loctite prior to assembly, ensuring a secure and reliable fit for your holster.

  • Rigorous Quality Checks: Each holster undergoes a draw weight test and five signature-required quality checks before packaging, guaranteeing exceptional performance and reliability.

Belt Attachment:
Choose your desired belt attachment from the menu, along with the corresponding belt size. 1.5" is the most common belt size. 1.75" is most common for tactical belts.

Have a light or laser attachment? Check out our light bearing IWB Holster.
Want to get the most out of concealed carry? Check out our IWB Single Magazine Carriers. For more information about our IWB Holsters, visit our FAQ page or our Inside the Waistband Holster Breakdown.

Please choose your exact make and model. Failure to mention any details that influence the external dimensions of your firearm will result in fitment issue.

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Extra Information

Please Note:
Due to the Custom nature of this item, this item is NOT eligible for returns.
Please Note:
Failure to select your EXACT firearm and/or Light Attachment may result in fitment issues. Made to Order Holsters are NON REFUNDABLE.
All Holsters come optics ready with taller .5 sight channel for co-witness sights."
All Dara products are backed by a Lifetime no BS Warranty!

Warranty Information

What kind of Warranty do you offer? No BS Full Lifetime Warranty.

    345 Reviews

  • Posted by Arthur Oates on 23rd May 2024


    IWB Holster

    The fit was perfect for my pistol and quality is very good. Very close tolerance so weapon does not move within the holster when locked in.

  • Posted by Craig Zoppa on 3rd May 2024


    Best holsters hands down

    As the title says these are the best holsters hands down. Very well made fit perfectly and very comfortable to wear all day with a perfect ride height. Belt clips are very robust and keep it where you put it. I’ve had a bunch of holsters over the years and they ALL sit in a box and all I wear is Dara.

  • Posted by Randy K on 29th Mar 2024


    IWB holster

    Great product and fits perfectly! Wear it everyday.

  • Posted by Andy on 13th Mar 2024


    Fit and finish

    This holster is everything I've been looking for in a holster. Magazine release cover being very important to me, and also well designed. The range of adjustable retention is unbelievable! You can lock it down so tightly it barely comes out of the holster, or practically frictionless. It's up to you! Worth every penny, and I will continue to buy Dara holsters as my pistol collection grows.

  • Posted by Damon on 15th Feb 2024


    A Functional Thing of Beauty

    I received my carbon fiber IWB holster for my PDP and could not be happier. It is a thing of beauty that is a perfect fit and holds my gun securely in place. Well done Dara. Well done indeed.

  • Posted by Cameron on 14th Feb 2024


    Iwb holster walther pps m2

    This is the most comfortable kydex iwb holster I have worn yet. It doesn't dig into my skin like most others and is very light, very secure to belt and stays in position concealing very well. I believe I have finally found the perfect holster.

  • Posted by RO on 19th Jan 2024


    FN Reflex IWB Holster

    Holster is great quality and Dara support is quick to respond with questions. It's a little priceier than others which may or may not matter but quality nonetheless. I purchased the black Holster which has left black marks on my coyote brown firearm but cleans off for now. All in all its a good Holster.

  • Posted by Jared S. on 23rd Dec 2023


    IWB holster

    Super fast turnaround from order to doorstep. Grabbed one for my FN Reflex as the market is super limited right now, and most of the time I forget I'm even wearing it, it's so comfortable

  • Posted by Shane Foran on 17th Dec 2023


    Walther PDP 4.5 with Optic

    This holster fits my Walther PDP 4.5in with an optic perfectly. Quality holster hands down, clean, slim, great retention. I just purchased another holster from Dara and can’t wait for that one to get in also.

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