• 21st Aug 2019

    Sig P365 with Streamlight TLR 6 AIWB Holster

    Check out our Appendix Holster for the Sig Sauer P365 with Streamlight TLR-6. The above holster features a mid ride height and a straight draw- perfect for carrying at the 12 o'clock position. Ho…

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  • 7th Aug 2019

    New: Sig P220 10mm Holster Options

    Now Available: Holster Options for the Sig P220 10mm About the Sig P220 From  Ballistics Mag: Originally released in 1975 and chambered in 9mm for use by the Swiss Army, the P22…

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  • 29th Jul 2019

    SIG P365 + P365 XL with Light/Laser Holsters

    Tons of Options now Available for the P365 & P365 XLNew for Pre-Order: SIG P365 + LIMA365 SIG P365 XL + LG-422/422G SIG P365 XL + LIMA365 SIG P365 XL + TLR-6…

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  • 25th Jul 2019

    NEW: Sig P365 XL IWB Holsters

    Check out our Ready to Ship P365XL Holster: The best IWB Holsters on the Market! In stock and ready to ship. Our Sig P365 XL IWB Holsters feature our patented 1.5" Curved Clip. This…

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  • 18th Jul 2019

    P365 with TLR-6 IWB Holsters

    Now selling Sig P365 with Streamlight TLR-6 Holsters!P365 with TLR-6 Holsters:…

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  • 16th Jul 2019

    Holster Systems for Your Vehicle

    Ok, picture this... you're getting into your car to go somewhere, your ccw secured at your hip. You get in the driver's side, right arm reaching across your left shoulder to grab the seat belt. You…

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  • 1st Jul 2019

    Independence Day Kickoff Sale

    We're making this year's Independence Day Sale the biggest one of all! Check out our awesome deals below... Use code "FREEDOM" to save BIG on these items: IWB Holsters…

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