• IWB Holsters - Ships in 24 hours!

    23rd May 2017

    IWB Holsters - Ships in 24 hours!

    We're adding more stock to our 24-hour Quick Ships!Currently in stock: Glock 19 IWB HolsterS&W Shield 9/.40 IWB HolsterSpringfield XDS 3.3 IWB HolsterWalther PPS M2 IWB HolsterGlock 26/27/33 IWB…

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  • Dara Holsters: Customer Photos & Reviews

    28th Apr 2017

    Dara Holsters: Customer Photos & Reviews

    If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we love posting customer photos. It helps potential customers see what kind of quality we ship out, as well as lets them see the experiences of happy cu…

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  • Dara Holsters Quality Assurance

    25th Apr 2017

    Dara Holsters Quality Assurance

    Did you know that every order has to pass 5 signature-required quality checks?  If you've ever ordered from us before, you'll notice 5 initialed spots at the bottom of your packing slip.…

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  • 5th Apr 2017

    IWB Holsters, Modular Appendix Righ, and a Paddle Holster

    Here are some of our latest posts on social media. Above are two Custom IWB Holsters in the Cordovan Leather Texture: though they look a bit orange due to the lighting. The top holster is a right hand…

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  • Best Gunbelts for Carrying

    24th Mar 2017

    Best Gunbelts for Carrying

    Everybody mentions that drawer full of holsters, but what nobody talks about is the rack full of gunbelts. Choosing a proper gunbelt is important, and shouldn't be a last minute consideration…

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  • AIWB Concealed Carry Package

    6th Mar 2017

    AIWB Concealed Carry Package

    We've now made the Concealed Carry package for you guys that carry at the appendix!The AIWB Concealed Carry Package starts at $74.99 and could go up according to color choice, specialty belt attachmen…

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  • Completely Custom Kydex Holsters

    28th Feb 2017

    Completely Custom Kydex Holsters

    Did you know we offer an infinite amount of custom holster options?With any of our Custom Kydex Holsters you can choose from:-About 300 different firearm makes/models.-Over 90 light & laser attach…

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  • Concealed Carry Package cut for Optic

    15th Feb 2017

    Concealed Carry Package cut for Optic

    After we introduced our new RMR cut IWB Holster last month, we were bombarded with questions about our other IWB Holster packages including the optic cut out. We've decided to add a bunch of new optio…

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  • IWB Holster cut for the RMR

    12th Jan 2017

    IWB Holster cut for the RMR

    Introducing the RMR cut IWB Holster! This product will be available Friday 1-13-17! This holster has been in the works for some time now. Unfortunately, we have had to turn down a large mount…

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  • Leather Textured Kydex Holsters

    6th Jan 2017

    Leather Textured Kydex Holsters

    New Leather Textured Kydex Holsters!This is the same Kydex material you're used to, with that classic leather look.No break-in period.Doesn't hold in moisture.Doesn't collapse inside the waistband.…

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  • Preferred IWB Holster Ride Heights & Cant Angles

    29th Nov 2016

    Preferred IWB Holster Ride Heights & Cant Angles

    Recommended Specs According to Carry PositionAppendix CarryThe Appendix Carry Position is meant to be worn from 11 o'clock - 1 o'clock, the most common being 12 o'clock. There are a couple of dif…

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